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Re: [VM] vm-save-message-hook?

From: Robert Adesam
Subject: Re: [VM] vm-save-message-hook?
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2011 20:37:15 +0200

>>>>> "USR" == Uday S Reddy <address@hidden> writes:
USR> I have now added a variable called `vm-save-message-hook' in the
USR> development version on Launchpad. If you have never used
USR> Launchpad before, please see the README file in the VM directory.

USR> The variable stores hook functions that take one argument, the
USR> folder being saved to. (My memory is that Emacs Lisp didn't
USR> originally have hook functions taking arguments, but it does now.
USR> Good for us.)

That was quick, thank you!

USR> I am curious how you are going to use this hook. Will you search
USR> through all the Org files to see which ones reference the saved
USR> message? Or, do you store links from VM folders to the Org files
USR> that reference them? (Well, I guess, if you do then you will have
USR> the opposite problem of updating VM folders when Org files move!)

Sorry for this very long reply... I like to keep my email inbox small,
when I read emails I capture todos, ideas, somedays, etc that pop up
from reading them in my orgmode where I keep all
non-processed stuff (according to my implementation of GTD :). Then I
file away the email in some folder for reference and seldom move it
again. So, I think I only need to update the links in, that
should take care of most of my broken links.

USR> A better idea in the long run might be to use an index like mairix, 
USR> which keep track of where the messages have moved.  I recall that 
USR> somebody on the Org list mentioned having used it.

Hmmm, yes this seems to be a good move. :) I actually have been using
mairix earlier for searching but stopped using it... I should really
look into this again. Thanks!


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