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Re: [VM] thread sorting

From: Uday S Reddy
Subject: Re: [VM] thread sorting
Date: Fri, 06 Jan 2012 19:39:48 +0000
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An interesting question on the Gnus mailing list:

On 5/3/2011 8:16 AM, Peter Münster wrote:

How can I sort threads by date, so that the last message (by date) of a
thread will be always at the bottom of the thread and instead of sorting
threads by the root, I would like to sort them by the last message.


  some subject
  │└►   (A)
   └►   (B)
  some other subject
   └►   (C)

--->  C later than B later than A

In VM, we do this by sorting by "activity". That means that the threads with the most recent activity get moved to the end.


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