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Re: [VM] vm 8.1.1 - marking all unread messages read?

From: John Hein
Subject: Re: [VM] vm 8.1.1 - marking all unread messages read?
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2012 13:35:50 -0700

Uday S Reddy wrote at 19:47 +0000 on Jan 18, 2012:
 > Thanks for the response, John.
 > John Hein wrote:
 > > How about M A like you did, then:
 > >   M N .
 > The `.' key binding is recent.  It may not be there in VM 8.1.1.

Okay.  I've always used 'a read' or 'a whatever'.  I just stumbled
onto '.' in the bindings while answering the OP.

One could also bind vm-mark-message-read to a custom key sequence,
of course.

 > >    or
 > >   M N a read    [1]
 > This should work if `a' is bound to the function named below.
 > >    or
 > >   M N M-x vm-set-message-attributes read
 > This won't work because M N only works with keyboard commands, not M-x
 > commands.  This is a very old limitation of VM.

Ah, I didn't test that one (obviously).
Clearly I haven't tried that myself (or at least not in my memory at
the moment).

 > > Of the key
 > > binding that were removed, I use 'b' and 'a' a lot and 'L' a few times
 > > a week.
 > Are there other instances of `a' that you need normally?

You mean other than 'a read'?  Sure.  Of the list below [1], [un]read,
new, [un]filed, [un]deleted, replied are probably most common(?), but
I use [un]forwarded, unreplied and [un]redistributed on occasion.  I
could see using flagged/unflagged, but never have (maybe because it's
not visibly marked in the default summary).  I do use 'l a' and 'l d'
for that purpose (flagging).

I guess I generally prefer 'a + <attr>' with tab completion over
memorizing multiple key bindings for this.  The operations are not
frequent enough that I _need_ a single key stroke.  That saves on
precious key bindings, too ;)

answered          expanded          new               replied           unfiled 
          unredistributed   written
collapsed         filed             read              unanswered        
unflagged         unreplied
deleted           flagged           recent            undeleted         
unforwarded       unseen
edited            forwarded         redistributed     unedited          unread  

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