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[VM] displaying the right message after leaving virtual folder

From: Manuel Hermenegildo
Subject: [VM] displaying the right message after leaving virtual folder
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2012 20:05:53 +0100

Dear Uday and all,

when returning to a message folder after visiting a virtual folder
later vm versions try to return to the message selected in the virtual
folder. This is indeed very useful (as indicated in the manual) so
that virtual buffers can be used to perform a search, and I use this
great feature a lot lately (thanks Uday!).  However, the current
behavior has confused me a number of times. To reproduce:

- Open folder F, move to some random messag M1.
- Create a virtual folder V, move to message M2.
- Quit V ("q"). 

At this point VM returns to F and internally it is correctly at
message M2 (and this is reflected in the summary). However, the
message actually displayed is not M2 but M1 (while the message number
in the mode line is the correct one corresponding to M2).

This has confused me several times since, seeing M1 in front of me, I
have hit reply, thinking that I was replying to M1 but the reply is
sent to the sender of M2!

This is specially confusing if you prefer (like me) to not see the
summary always there, by using, e.g.:

(setq vm-mutable-frames nil)
(setq vm-mutable-windows nil)

In this case when you quit V and go to F the only thing you see is M1
but if you hit reply you reply to M2 --ouch!

Simply adding a call to vm-refresh-message at the end of vm-quit:


seems to solve the problem, but I am not 100% sure this is the right
approach or that it covers all the cases...



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