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[VM] message labels & usage pattern

From: Kyle Farrell
Subject: [VM] message labels & usage pattern
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2012 11:48:00 -0700

Hey VM folks,

Message labels are a VM feature I'm starting to pick up on more and
more.  That said, I've got concerns my usage of labels may not "scale"
and am wondering how others solve for this use case.

Basically, in going through mail I'll find something I should reply
to, but maybe not immediately.  What I've been doing is adding a
message label of "todo_{X}_{Y}" where X/Y may be a calendar date.
Each day I come into the office, I can create a virtual folder of
"todo_{today}", and see what I've put off and am on the hook for (at
this point I'm not too concerned about year).  A minor functionality
point is it would be nice to create a virtual folder of labels
matching a regular expression.

First thing I noticed is that deleting a label from all messages does
not delete that label from the folder (all labels show up as possible
completions).  So I've got a growing set of labels.  Is it possible to
delete the label from the folder?

The greater question, how do others handle this use case?  Save to a
"todo" folder instead?


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