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Re: [VM] virtual folder of imap folders

From: moritzmaxeiner
Subject: Re: [VM] virtual folder of imap folders
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2012 15:31:19 +0200

 > If you look through the description of `vm-imap-account-alist' in the manual
 > and make any suggestions for wording, I will be glad to incorporate them.

Well, the thing that confused me is the fact that the docstring of
`vm-virtual-folder-alist' says FOLDER-NAME and
"FOLDER-NAME should be the name of a real folder."
while the docstring of `vm-imap-account-alist' calls an entry of the exact
same format a maildrop specification.

What I think would help if the docstring for `vm-virtual-folder-alist' would
not say "name" of a real folder, but "specification" of a real folder with a 
line like "For imap folders that means a maildrop specification like in
`vm-imap-account-alist'; so changing FOLDER-NAME to FOLDER-SPECIFICATION
should help newbies (like myself).

Granted, that may be a bit more than is usually provided by a docstring, but
personally I find the FOLDER-NAME very confusing, because in my eyes with it's
not a name, but a specification (even when using local folders and not imap).

The same way the first part of an account entry in `vm-imap-account-alist'
is a specification and the second one is a name for it.


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