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[VM] 8.2.0b - won't save messages to non-existing local folder

From: John Stoffel
Subject: [VM] 8.2.0b - won't save messages to non-existing local folder
Date: Thu, 3 May 2012 10:42:01 -0400

Hi Uday,

I upgraded to VM 8.2.0b on RHEL5.6, emacs 22.1.1 as a test and it's
generally working well, except for one major change from 8.1.1 which I
was running before.  Basically, if I try to save a message to a folder
that doesn't exist, it won't let me!

I'm not using IMAP at all, just local folders.  I have
vm-confirm-new-folders set to nil, so I'm not sure what's going on
here.  I've looked at the code, but my elisp-foo is non-existent.  

If I touch an empty file, then VM allows me to save the message to the
pre-existing, but empty folder.

Can we please fix this in time for 8.2.0 is released?  Or is there a
workaround I can use?


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