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[VM] 8.2.0b keybinding request

From: John Stoffel
Subject: [VM] 8.2.0b keybinding request
Date: Thu, 3 May 2012 10:52:56 -0400


I'd like to ask that the '<' and '>' keys be added back into the
default keybindings.  With long emails, it makes popping up and down
from the top and bottom much easier.  Esp when I get emails from my
Netapps saying that something bad happened and it's 30+ pages down to
find what I want, which is always at the end.

I realize I can just add back in all the old default key-bindings, but
I think most of the ones you removed are ok, it's just these two which
hit me the most.

I'd probably ask for 'e' back as well to edit a message, but that's
lower down.  

Removing '@' for archiving is problably higher in my list of bindings
to remove actually.  It's too close to '#' which I have bound to just
expunge all my deleted emails.


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