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Re: [VM] Filter outgoing mail

From: Uday Reddy
Subject: Re: [VM] Filter outgoing mail
Date: Sat, 5 May 2012 08:18:25 +0100

blueman writes:

> Well, I wasn't able to find any hooks, but I solved my problem for now
> by putting 'before' advice on the function smtpmail-via-smtp. That is
> where the final changes are made to the email (including adding on mime
> & content headers and stripping off the on RFC standard headers) before
> it is actually sent.

Hi JJK, I couldn't see why this can't be done in vm-mail-send-hook or its
senior, mail-send-hook.

Structurally, tagging this on to smtpmail isn't quite right because it has
nothing to do with smtpmail as such.  It wouldn't fire if you use some other
mail sending mechanism.


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