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[VM] linebreaks

From: Salome Södergran
Subject: [VM] linebreaks
Date: Thu, 10 May 2012 18:14:51 +0200
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One more problem I run into right now:

When sending a message, lines that are not separated by a blank line are
considered to be one paragraph and the filling is done accordingly. Up
to now no filling was done across lines separated by hard newlines
(hitting RETURN/ENTER).

I am still using the same .vm-file. The only difference concerning VM,
as far as I know, is that I have now version 8.2.0b and had 8.2.0a
before. But I do not think that this is crucial, as I have the same
problem in gnus (posting to a newsgroup), too.

I tried auto-fill-mode (I have global-visual-line-mode on by default),
use-hard-newlines and other things without success. Does anybody have a
helpful suggestion how I could get back the old behaviour?


Salome Södergran For e-mail-replies please use: salome dot soedergran at
gmx dot ch

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