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[VM] International characters in Subject line

From: lsmithso
Subject: [VM] International characters in Subject line
Date: Thu, 31 May 2012 11:55:16 +0100

The vm summary buffer crashes whenever I receive en email with a Subject: line 
that is an encoded string od i8n characters. . ie something like:

Subject: =?UT-8?B?VG9waWMgcmVwbHk...

(truncated for brevity)

I can no longer navigate around the summary, but I can n/p through the 
presentation buffer. The error is something like 'Wrong type markerp' (sorry, 
lost the original error). The only way to recover is to exit vm, remove the vm 
cache files, and use thunderbird  to delete the offending message from the 

Is there a fix for this?
emacs 23
vm: 8.1.0
emacspeak: 36.0


Les Smithson

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