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[VM] Saving inline images

From: Robert Knighten
Subject: [VM] Saving inline images
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2012 22:52:25 -0700

Occasionally I am sent email messages that include inline images.  My
.vm has

(setq vm-mime-internal-content-types '("text" "message/rfc822" "image"))

and the images are usually (always?) displayed as part of the message.  Some
times I also want to save the image and I usually do that by cutting out
the relevant portion of the message - inevitably base64 encoded - then
decoding and saving.  My problem at the moment is that I have gotten
such a message which as usual displays nicely, but when I try to decode
the base64 encoded jpeg image I get the error message "Invalid base64
data".  An hour or so looking at the VM manual and prowling the web
hasn't provide a solution.  Any suggestions?

-- Bob 

Robert L. Knighten

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