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[VM] vm-included-text-attribution-format and CC line

From: Kyle Farrell
Subject: [VM] vm-included-text-attribution-format and CC line
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2012 13:00:13 -0700

For better or worse, I'm trying to get my attribution format to match
Outlook (sorry!).  I can nearly get it, but one thing that seems
missing is differentiating "To" and "CC" receipients.  The "%T" format
contains all recipients:

   T - full names of the recipients of the message, in a comma-separated list
       If a full name cannot be found, the corresponding address is used

Using this the attribution is incorrect since I'd list all recipients
as "To:".  Is there a format to get only "To" and only "CC"
recipients?  That way I could create an attribution that accurately
represent the attribution.

I'm using VM 8.2.0b.


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