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Re: [VM] Email dangers portrayed in media

From: lsmithso
Subject: Re: [VM] Email dangers portrayed in media
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2012 09:11:01 +0000

I used to rail against top posting, but since losing my sight I now
prefer it. It saves wading through vast amounts of speech to get to
the good bits.

BTW, vm + emacspeak + emacs is an excellent combination for the

PS. +1 for The Thick of it. Itts really good to listen to and the
swearing is brilliant.

James Freer writes:
 > Thanks for the link
 > On Sun, 28 Oct 2012, Uday Reddy wrote:
 > > The BBC has made a brilliant series called the "The Thick of It", a
 > > political satire dealing with British politics and how the politicians
 > > interact with the media.
 > Not sure i'd describe it as a brilliant series.... very poor compared with 
 > Yes 
 > Minister (years ago now) which was a bit more convincing. All the swearing 
 > and 
 > sexual connotations really spoil what could be quite entertaining.
 > > has a brilliant segment dealing with how the stupid email reply conventions
 > > used by Outlook-users (and now Thunderbird-users) can get people into
 > > trouble by exposing information that should have been private.  You will
 > > enjoy watching it.
 > >
 > > I also know instances at work where this kind of thing has gotten people
 > > into serious trouble.  Somebody should make a law prohibiting the so-called
 > > "top-posting style" of replies.  But, the public doesn't yet know that all
 > > this happens just because of the idiocy of the tech people.
 > Trouble is with 'Top Posting' is that i believe it was inherited from 
 > corporate Intranet. Emails would be cut off after so many lines 
 > automatically. 
 > The first internet email providers copied it. Daft with yahoo groups where 
 > one 
 > can have a thread which gets loads of replies... and gets bigger and bigger 
 > until someone chops off the bottom at some stage. Gmail UI doesn't help the 
 > user 
 > as it hides the rest of the previous replies. Thing is folk are lazy... it's 
 > easier to top post and forget the rest. Blackberry phones and others have 
 > followed suite. CVs - usual to put previous jobs in reverse chronological 
 > order.
 > I agree that bottom posting is better and chronological order is better. 
 > [although with many replies the indent gets bigger with each reply so longer 
 > threads have to be chopped top and bottom]. Most linux groups/lists prefer 
 > it 
 > apart from one i've found - reason being that top posts allows the 
 > moderators to 
 > review posts quicker than bottom posting. As much as i'd like to see bottom 
 > posting established as the norm... don't think it'll ever happen. Apart from 
 > linux group emails... i have not received ONE that has been bottom posted. 
 > Every 
 > time i've replied bottom posting (non linux groups) i've received a reply 
 > top 
 > posted - i've tried to 'rescue the world'.... it's a losing battle!
 > Now i just top post apart from linux groups and that's how it'll be - i 
 > can't 
 > see how folk are going to be persuaded otherwise [human's lazy by nature].
 > james

Les Smithson

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