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Re: [VM] gmail issue

From: Mark Diekhans
Subject: Re: [VM] gmail issue
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2012 13:18:25 -0800

Google groups doesn't send you a copy of your message when you
post to a list.  We have been told they view this as a `feature'
which there is no control over.

Sounds like they added the same `feature' to gmail :-(

Uday Reddy <address@hidden> writes:
> When I send a message to the viewmail-info mailing list from this email
> account (address@hidden) I don't get a copy of the message back to
> the account.  I don't recall this happening a few months ago.
> I wonder if anybody else is experiencing this problem?  
> (I save outgoing messages in "Sent" which becomes "[IMAP]/Sent" on gmail.  I
> wonder if gmail thinks that I already have a copy of the message in my
> account and kills the new copy coming into my Inbox?)
> Cheers,
> Uday
> PS. When I logged into the gmail webmail it served up 4 ads for me: 3 on
> "bug control" companies in my region and one on some software built on top
> of VMWare.

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