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Re: [VM] vm-pcrisis

From: Terry Jones
Subject: Re: [VM] vm-pcrisis
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2012 03:51:02 +0000

Hi Jay

> I think what I'm looking to do should be pretty straightforward.  I want to
> be prompted for one of my two profiles every time I begin to compose a mail
> message regardless of whether it's a new message, a reply, anything.

This is not a vm-pcrisis approach (whatever that is), but I have a setup
that might work for you and which sounds like it needs less effort to use.

I have several email addresses that I use regularly. Part of my setup is a
function called my-set-reply-to that I call via vm-select-message-hook The
function is pretty dumb, it's just a big cond that looks at the message
being replied to to find one of my email addresses (or domains) in a
header, and calls a function to set variables like vm-mail-header-from and
mail-default-reply-to etc.  With that in hand, pretty much 100% of my reply
buffers are automatically populated with the right values.

When it comes to composing new mails, I'll be in the "profile" of whatever
mail I read last, which is very often what I want (even though I'm not
writing a reply, I'm most likely to be in that work/home/play etc context).
If that's not right, I manually invoke one of the functions I mentioned in
the paragraph above. E.g., M-x I have to do that maybe
once a week (and I usually avoid it by just moving to a message sent to the
address I'd like to write the new mail from).

I hope that makes sense.

My elisp skills are pathetic, I'm afraid, but you can see the code (and
lots of personal details) at:


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