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Re: [VM] VM BAD Command Argument Error. 11

From: John Stoffel
Subject: Re: [VM] VM BAD Command Argument Error. 11
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2013 14:02:37 -0400

Thanks for the quick reply, I really appreciate all you've done
supporting and extending VM for all these years.  I wish I was a
better elisp hacker, but I'm hopeless.  I'd be better in Perl or PHP
or even C for that matter.   

Uday> Yeah, VM seems to be ignoring the fact that this IMAP server
Uday> can't store custom flags.  I will fix it, soon I hope.

If you can point me at the code, maybe I could try to poke at it a
little bit, or at least get some ideas.  And of course I'm happy to
run tests if you have any patches for me to try.

Uday> By the way, vm-visit-imap-folder is the right thing to use.  No need to
Uday> switch to spool files.

Uday> Cheers,
Uday> Uday

Uday> John Stoffel writes:

>> VM STORE 460 +FLAGS.SILENT (filed)
>> VM BAD Command Argument Error. 11

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