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Re: [VM] Question about behavior of vm-save-message

From: Uday S Reddy
Subject: Re: [VM] Question about behavior of vm-save-message
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2013 06:33:04 +0200

address@hidden writes:

> However, when I was in the virtual folder, I got a very different
> behavior.  I get prompted "Save in folder: ~/" which seems to me not to be
> The Right Thing.

Yes, you might regard that as a design flaw in VM.  Since virtual folders
can combine multiple real folders, they don't inherit the features of any of
them.  So, even when you make a virtual folder from a single parent folder,
nothing gets inherited.  It irritated me a few times as well.

I will add it to the Wish List to do something about it.

Right now, there is a command called `vm-save-message-to-imap-folder' which
you can use.  It doesn't have a default key binding.  But, if you need it
often, you might create one for yourself.


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