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[VM] VM'ified message-mode instead of mail-mode

From: Florian Schmaus
Subject: [VM] VM'ified message-mode instead of mail-mode
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2013 16:21:48 +0200

VM, or better vm-user-agent, uses mail-mode when composing or replying
to an e-mail. Is there a way to configure VM so that message-mode is
used instead?

Besides the fact that mail-mode is depreciated and message-mode is the
new default as of emacs-24, it personally like one feature that
mail-mode is lacking, but exists in message-mode: Abbrev in header
fields, especially mail aliases. If you have multiple choices for the
'From:' value, you can simply do C-c C-f C-o to get to the from field
and as soon you entered an mail alias followed by a space it will expand
to the actual value.

This has been discussed before [1] and I just want to add that there are
more reasons for message-mode in VM. If it's already possible to make
use of message-mode in VM, then please let me know how. Otherwise I
would happily create an bug report/feature request if it's OK. :)


Florian Schmaus <address@hidden>
PGP: 1357 B018 65B2 503C 1845  3D20 8CAC 2A96 7854 8E35

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