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[VM] Exchange 2010 IMAP4 & storing "filed"

From: Kyle Farrell
Subject: [VM] Exchange 2010 IMAP4 & storing "filed"
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2013 13:20:25 -0700

I've been transitioning from a local spool file to leaving mail on an
imap server.  In the process, I'm running into the same issue as
reported here:

Exchange 2010 is erroring on storing the "filed" flag from VM.  Based
on the thread from last April, this is purportedly Exchange not
adhering to the imap standard.

This surfaces as a "vm-imap-send-command: writing to process:
invalid argment, IMAP over SSL" and I can't get new mail or run
vm-imap-synchronize.  The workaround I've employed is to expunge filed
messages prior to getting new mail.

How could this be fixed client side, in VM?  What should VM do in this
situation?  Does anyone have alternative workarounds for Exchange
2010?  Is there a way to clear the filed flag from messages?


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