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Re: [VM] Exchange 2010 IMAP4 & storing "filed"

From: Uday Reddy
Subject: Re: [VM] Exchange 2010 IMAP4 & storing "filed"
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2013 23:52:07 +0100

Kyle Farrell writes:

> This surfaces as a "vm-imap-send-command: writing to process:
> invalid argment, IMAP over SSL" and I can't get new mail or run
> vm-imap-synchronize.  The workaround I've employed is to expunge filed
> messages prior to getting new mail.

Ok, that is useful information, but still a long way off from what I would
need to track down the problems.

I believe that VM recovers from the "BAD Command" errors fine.  VM knows
that they don't matter.  But John Stoffel's trace log showed that the server
was disconnecting him after a few such errors.  This could leave VM in a
confused or inconsistent state.  I can't tell from your description what
exactly happened.

Note that I can't reproduce your errors.  You will need to give me a
blow-by-blow description of what happens and be as precise as possible.  For
instance, "this surfaces as" is too vague.  Is it an error?  Is it a
warning?  Does VM stop and report the error, or go on continuing?

What do you do next?  What is VM's response?  What does the *Messages*
buffer show?  Et cetra.

Please report it to address@hidden so that we don't have to bore
everybody with these problems.

> How could this be fixed client side, in VM?  What should VM do in this
> situation?  Does anyone have alternative workarounds for Exchange
> 2010?  Is there a way to clear the filed flag from messages?

Yes, there is.  Please see the manual section "Message Attributes".


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