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Re: [VM] Exchange 2010 IMAP4 & storing "filed"

From: John Stoffel
Subject: Re: [VM] Exchange 2010 IMAP4 & storing "filed"
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2013 11:25:28 -0400

Uday> Kyle Farrell writes:
>> This surfaces as a "vm-imap-send-command: writing to process:
>> invalid argment, IMAP over SSL" and I can't get new mail or run
>> vm-imap-synchronize.  The workaround I've employed is to expunge filed
>> messages prior to getting new mail.

Uday> Ok, that is useful information, but still a long way off from what I would
Uday> need to track down the problems.

Sorry I haven't been able to provide enough info on this.  It comes
and goes, but I suspect it's partly based on how many filed and
deleted messages you have.  If I do more than... oh... say 8 to 10
messages which are filed and deleted, then try to expunge them from
the IMAP server, it then fails.  Again, I suspect it's because MS
Exchange has a poor IMAP implementation.  

Uday> I believe that VM recovers from the "BAD Command" errors fine.
Uday> VM knows that they don't matter.  But John Stoffel's trace log
Uday> showed that the server was disconnecting him after a few such
Uday> errors.  This could leave VM in a confused or inconsistent
Uday> state.  I can't tell from your description what exactly
Uday> happened.

Could it be that the server says "whoa, too many bad commands, I'm
kicking you out!" so it might be useful to do the commands in smaller
batches, then flush changes?  

Or maybe, because MS Exchange just sucks, we don't store any flags
beyond the ones defined in the IMAP standard?  Or maybe we need to
pre-define the 'filed' flag as a PERMANENTFLAGS somehow?  Yes, I'm
quickly looking over the IMAP specs as shown in:

Uday> Note that I can't reproduce your errors.  You will need to give
Uday> me a blow-by-blow description of what happens and be as precise
Uday> as possible.  For instance, "this surfaces as" is too vague.  Is
Uday> it an error?  Is it a warning?  Does VM stop and report the
Uday> error, or go on continuing?

Sometimes it works, in other words, I can save the buffer, expunge
deleted messages, etc.  Othertimes the IMAP connection gets closed and
I don't get to make any changes at all to my inbox. I then have to
login with Outlook, find and nuke some/all of the messages giving
problems, and then VM works again.

Uday> What do you do next?  What is VM's response?  What does the
Uday> *Messages* buffer show?  Et cetra.

Uday> Please report it to address@hidden so that we don't have to bore
Uday> everybody with these problems.

>> How could this be fixed client side, in VM?  What should VM do in this
>> situation?  Does anyone have alternative workarounds for Exchange
>> 2010?  Is there a way to clear the filed flag from messages?

Uday> Yes, there is.  Please see the manual section "Message Attributes".

Uday> Cheers,
Uday> Uday

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