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Re: [VM] Exchange 2010 IMAP4 & storing "filed"

From: Kyle Farrell
Subject: Re: [VM] Exchange 2010 IMAP4 & storing "filed"
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2013 08:48:39 -0700

I did a bit more playing around and the "filed" flag is a red herring.
It's really any label that the imap server doesn't recognize that
causes issue.

I was wondering why my deleted messages where getting cleared, then I
realized what was happening: I'd read, reply, file, and delete my
mail.  Messages are marked "\deleted" and "filed" (or another imap
label Exchange doesn't recognize such as "junk").  Since Exchange
can't store the flag, the command fails so none of the flags are being
stored.  VM then syncs flags from the server, so my deleted flag is
cleared from my inbox since the server rejected the store command.

Attempting to store any flag the server doesn't recognize is causing
none of the flags to be stored.  I would guess the right thing for VM
to do would be only attempt to store flags that are explicitly
recognized by the server.


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