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Re: [VM] Old bug in "vm-8.2.0b"

From: Uday Reddy
Subject: Re: [VM] Old bug in "vm-8.2.0b"
Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2013 08:45:43 +0100

Dr Rainer Woitok writes:

> Writing a mail and attaching a  PDF document to it  looks nice, the grey
> button line denoting the attachment starts with a cute paper clip to the
> left followed  by a  textual  description  of the  attachment in  square
> brackets.
> After sending off the mail it is stored in my  inbox, and there the grey
> button line  denoting the attachment looks sort  of ugly: the cute paper
> clip  is   missing   altogether,  and   the  textual   description  says
> "[Unknown/Bad PNG image encoding]PDF: <file name>, [display]".

I am sorry.  This problem report is confusing.

Are you saying that reading a message with a PDF attachment gives the
problem?  Or, does this have something to do with sending mail?

In any case, I don't see any problems with attachment buttons using:

  21.5  (beta31) "ginger"  XEmacs Lucid (i586-pc-win32)

It is likely that you are using an out-of-date version of XEmacs.  Please
upgrade it.

You might also try setting `vm-imagemagick-convert-program' to nil or
`vm-mime-thumbnail-max-geometry' to nil to disable the images in attachment

> Back when I was still using "vm-8.1.1" I did a lot of googling and found
> several other people having the same complaints.  I even found a comment
> by  you, dated 2011-02-04  and sugesting this  having  to do with coding
> systems.  You even offered the following  patch then (even though not in
> the "git" format used by me below):

This fix has been incorporated in the standard VM now.  So, no need to apply
this patch.

> 2. "vm-mime-display-button-image" (used when reading mail):
>    - First calls "vm-mime-frob-image-xxxx"  which in  turn calls several
>      other  functions to insert a PNG  into the extent.  For some reason
>      this fails, leaving the "[Unknown/Bad  PNG image encoding]" message
>      in the extent.  One other essential  thing this function does, how-
>      ever, is to set the disposition of the layout to "inline".  If this
>      is not done, later middle-clicking the button will fail.

I am not sure what is meant by "this fails" and which function fails.
Please attach a backtrace at the point of the error if you can.

It is likely that some external program or the image file is bad.  All I can
do is to make VM resilient so that it continues normally regardless.  For me
to do so, you need to state the problem behaviour as precisely as possible!


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