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Re: [VM] Old bug in "vm-8.2.0b"

From: Uday Reddy
Subject: Re: [VM] Old bug in "vm-8.2.0b"
Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2013 11:01:02 +0100

Dr Rainer Woitok writes:

> > In any case, I don't see any problems with attachment buttons using:
> > 
> >   21.5  (beta31) "ginger"  XEmacs Lucid (i586-pc-win32)
> This may  well be, but  "vm-8.2.0b" dates back to  December 2011 where a
> beta version of XEmacs 21.5 was not yet existing, so I think I could ex-
> pect it to work with XEmacs 21.4.

Not necessarily.  XEmacs 21.4 is really ancient if I recall correctly.  If
you use the latest beta release, you will get the benefit of all the bug
fixes that have been made since then.  Beta versions are generally safe to
use, even if they don't have the full functionality that the developers
intended for them.

> Again,  this may be,  but for me the  question is,  why is function "vm-
> mime-display-button-image" at all calling two different functions to in-
> sert the thumbnail?  At least in  my environment calling only the second
> function seems sufficient.

If vm-mime-thumbnail-max-geometry is non-nil, VM assumes that you want
thumbnails.  If the thumbnail generation "fails" (i.e., gives an error),
then it puts a default paper clip instead.  In your environment, the
thumbnail generation is failing (from your point of view), but it is not
giving an error either.  So, you are getting a garbage piece of text
instead.  The solution is to disable thumbnail generation.

This is not worthy of patching VM because there is nothing wrong with the VM
code.  The problem is with your environment.

As far as I am concerned, thumbnail generation is not worthy of either my
time or yours.


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