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Re: [VM] Using VM for 19 years, still can't solve "iconv: (stdin):21:31:

From: John Stoffel
Subject: Re: [VM] Using VM for 19 years, still can't solve "iconv: (stdin):21:31: cannot convert"
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2013 15:07:07 -0400

Uday> There are probably quite a few VM users, but they are generally
Uday> passive, just as you have been.  So, we don't hear from them.

I take exception to this personally.  I try to be active but since I
have zero elisp skills (and honestly don't want to relearn lisp again
if I can help it), I can't contribute code to the project.

I also think that while Uday does a great job in general, the lack of
releases coming out is disheartening.  I know his time is short, but
it's been years since 8.2.0b came out, and nothign since.  

Uday> VM has had the appearance of a dying creed because of this lack
Uday> of participation by the VM community.  I am not sure if open
Uday> source projects can survive for very long without having a band
Uday> of enthusiastic supporters who carry the flag and evangelize.

I do try to evangelize.  But hey, maybe I need to put my money where
my mouth is and learn elisp enough so I can submit patches to the


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