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[VM] VM change in Emacs 24 - leaving mail mode

From: rlk
Subject: [VM] VM change in Emacs 24 - leaving mail mode
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2015 21:47:04 -0800

Daniel Barrett writes:
 > I've noticed a change in VM's behavior since upgrading to Emacs 24.
 > When I'm composing an email and I run "save-buffer" to a file, the
 > buffer enters text-mode instead of staying in mail-mode. In previous
 > versions of Emacs, the buffer remained in mail-mode even after saving.
 > Is there an easy way to prevent this change of mode?
 > Thanks,
 > Dan
 > --
 > Dan Barrett
 > address@hidden

Just checked on my system with emacs-version 24.2.1 and vm-version 8.1.0 and
saw no such change.

Robert L. Knighten

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