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[VM] VM with multiple IMAP accounts/folders

From: Hippo Man
Subject: [VM] VM with multiple IMAP accounts/folders
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2016 16:37:42 -0700 (PDT)
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Forgive this novice question. I would like to accomplish something in VM that I 
currently can do in Wanderlust. I'm not looking for a detailed set of 
instructions for what I'm trying to do, but rather, just a "yes, this is 
possible in VM" or "no, it's not possible" answer. If it is possible, then I'll 
dig through the documentation further and try to get it running by myself.

I have several different imap accounts (different user ID's and even different 
IMAP servers), and I access more than one folder in some of these IMAP 
accounts. I'd like to have some sort of "Folder" view in VM which lets me 
select any of these account/folder combinations and then read the mail within 
these folders.

For each one of these, I might want to use a differernt "Reply-To" address when 
responding, and I will want copies of my outgoing messages to go to a different 
"Sent" folder on the remote IMAP server.

I might also have optional folder-specific hooks which set various defaults 
differently, depending upon which folder I am accessing.

Also, I would like the messages to remain on the remote IMAP server and to be 
downloaded to parallel local folders. If I do a "delete" on any given message, 
I'd want it to be deleted from the parallel local folder, but not from the 
remote IMAP folder.

And finally, I'd like emacs to remember the user ID's and passwords for each 
remote IMAP account/folder, so that I don't have to enter them each time I 
start up VM.

Is all this possible under VM?

If so, I will then dig further into the docs and try to set this all up for 
myself. I'm an advanced Emacs user, so the elisp will not be a problem for me.

Thank you in advance.

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