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[VM] Issue with emails getting combined

From: Tero Kivinen
Subject: [VM] Issue with emails getting combined
Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2016 14:28:45 +0300

I am reading emails using VM 8.2.0b, and every now and then it happens
that vm combines two emails together. I.e., the second email is
attached to the end of first one. This is caused by the fact that the
first email does not have the newline in the end of the email, i.e.,
it ends without the newline, and then next email is attached to it,
the end result is not normal "end of email\n\nFrom
address@hidden" but instead it will result to "end of email\nFrom
address@hidden" which will then cause the emails to be show

This happens both when the emails are read from the $MAIL mailbox file
directly, and when using IMAP to read the mails from the imap server.
I first assumed it might be issue with the procmail etc writing it
incorrectly to the $MAIL mail box file, but when it appeared also when
using imap, it cannot be caused by that.

Also when this combining happens, the email shown on the vm will look
like it is empty. I.e. it looks like it does not have any text in the
body. If I quit vm and start it over again, the email now has text in
the body, and both emails are there combined together. If I then go to
the mail box and add newline between first email and before the
"From " starting the second email the emails will be shown properly.

Usually those emails are html-only emails or similar so it might be
that their original encoding has been base64 or something, and vm has
converted them to text but did not add the missing newline to the end.

Now I found out example email that does this. I.e. email having
following mime headers:

MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/html; charset="utf-8"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64

and having body of


will cause this issue happening.

I will include the attachment having two mails in $MAIL format which
will show this issue. When you have those emails in your $MAIL and you
fetch new emails, vm will show that you have two emails: 1st email
will show with empty body; the next email looks fine (with body of
"koe."). If you then quit vm, and start it again, now it will show
that you only have one email, i.e., the one email having text "Test"
in it, and the second email (with text "koe.") will be combined to to
the end of that first one.

Any ideas what might cause this and how to fix this?

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