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[VM] setting high priority for a message

From: Fabio Rinaldi
Subject: [VM] setting high priority for a message
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2016 22:59:15 +0200

Dear VM users,

I read my email at times with a web-based interface (roundcube)
and at times with VM in emacs. In roundcube I can "flag" a message,
and I noticed that flagged messages are shown in VM using the face:


However, I did not find a way to flag or unflag a message in the same
way in VM. Is this functionality missing? I could not find any mention
of it in the documentation.

I noticed that it is not one of the standard attributes. The example
below shows the relevant header of a message in the VM cache file:

> X-VM-v5-Data: ([nil nil nil nil t nil nil nil nil]
>       ["4009" "Monday" "17" "October" "2016" "22:14:05" "+0200" "Fabio 
> Rinaldi" "address@hidden" nil nil "Auguri!" "^From:" nil nil "10" nil nil 
> (number " " mark "  R    3K Fabio Rinaldi     16.10.17 " thread-indent 
> "\"Auguri!\"\n") nil nil nil nil "2741" "1283536903" nil]
>       ("\\flagged"))

The "\\flagged" value is what seems to trigger the high-priority face.

Fabio Rinaldi
Institute of Computational Linguistics
University of Zurich
Andreasstrasse 15 (AND-2-30)
CH-8050 Zurich, Switzerland  

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