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[VM] vm-auto-folder-alist and regexps?

From: Daniel Barrett
Subject: [VM] vm-auto-folder-alist and regexps?
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2017 12:32:21 -0400

I can't seem to make vm-auto-folder-alist work with regular
expressions in the first argument. Am I doing something wrong? This VM

For example, I'd like to file all email to or from "address@hidden" in
the folder ~/.Mail/myfolder. Here is a value without regexps, which
works correctly:

  (setq vm-auto-folder-alist
        ("From" ("address@hidden" . "~/.Mail/myfolder"))
        ("To" ("address@hidden" . "~/.Mail/myfolder"))

and here is an attempt with regexps, which does not work:

  (setq vm-auto-folder-alist
        ("From\|To" ("address@hidden" . "~/.Mail/myfolder"))

When I use the second value and press "s" to save a message to or from
address@hidden, the folder name (~/.Mail/myfolder) should auto-fill but
does not.

Thanks for any tips!

Dan Barrett

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