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Re: [VM] Time to move to Mutt?

From: Robert Marshall
Subject: Re: [VM] Time to move to Mutt?
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2019 16:15:06 +0100
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On Mon, Jul 22 2019, "John Stoffel" <address@hidden> wrote:

>>>>>> "Robert" == Robert Marshall <address@hidden> writes:
> Robert> On Fri, Jul 19 2019, "John Stoffel" <address@hidden> wrote:
>>>>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Barrett <address@hidden> writes:
> Daniel> On July 19, 2019, John Stoffel wrote:
>>>>> I really just love the way VM works, but it's getting flakier and
>>>>> flakier as more an more email goes HTML based and it's just hard to
>>>>> handle at time.
> Daniel> What specific issues are you encountering?
>>> Well... it's a pain visiting IMAP vs plain folders, so now I have two
>>> sets of key bindings in message mode:
>>> v = visit folder
>>> i = visit IMAP folder
>>> w = save to IMAP folder
>>> s = save to folder
>>> which is just clunky.  HTML email is just painful, esp since I like to
>>> hit 't' to expose the message headers, but now that's broken for html
>>> emails unless I do Shift-d a few times to change the message
>>> decoding.
> Robert> typing 't' just 'works for me but maybe that's because I'm
> Robert> using emacs' shr as a text/html handler? (this seems to work
> Robert> well since I added the code in my version)
> I think I need to look into this then.  Which version of emacs?  And
> how did you set this up?  

I edited vm-mime.el to

diff vm-mime.el vm-mime.el~
<           (cond
<            ((locate-library "shr")
<             'emacs-shr)
<              ((locate-library "w3m")
<               'emacs-w3m)
<              ((locate-library "w3")
<               'w3)
<              ((executable-find "w3m")
<               'w3m)
<              ((executable-find "lynx")
<               'lynx)))
>             (cond ((locate-library "w3m")
>                    'emacs-w3m)
>                   ((locate-library "w3")
>                    'w3)
>                   ((executable-find "w3m")
>                    'w3m)
>                   ((executable-find "lynx")
>                    'lynx)))
< (defun vm-mime-display-internal-emacs-shr-text/html (start end layout)
<   (shr-render-region start end)
<   )  

so making shr the default render method - or just set
vm-mime-text/html-handler to 'emacs-shr (with that defun).
I see I should really be making a change to the docstring for

I'm using emacs from git but I have been using shr for this for a few
years (2016 I think) - the library comes by default with fairly recent
emacs. I don't configure shr things so it always pulls remote images if
you render the html (you may not wish for this ;) ) but it's settable
via shr-inhibit-images - not sure how to then download if you want..

There's also a tendency for stray 'z's to appear which don't get removed
on reply vm-mime-display-internal-text/html messes around with this I
see for w3m's benefit, I should add a condition around that code!

> Robert> On keybindings, I use
> Robert>   (define-key vm-mode-map "Vi" 'vm-visit-imap-folder)
> Robert>   (define-key vm-mode-map "I" 'vm-save-message-to-imap-folder)
> Robert> but i suppose that muddles up vm-visit-imap-folder with the virtual
> Robert> commands (which I rarely use), I might try
> Robert>     (define-key map "I" vm-mode-imap-map)
> Robert> and add a few things from there?
> I don't use the V virtual bindings very much either, if at all.
> I do love the M mark bindings though, one of the best ways to quickly
> filter and find and save emails.
> One thought is that maybe it's time to think about either overloading
> the regular 's' and 'v' keys to support regular/IMAP folder access
> more easily.  But of course it needs to be quick and simple and not
> take alot more key strokes.

I wondered (today) about inspecting the type of the folder and by
default using the same folder type and provide some means (C-u?) of
overriding that?

Robert Marshall                                     twitter: @rajm

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