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Re: [VM] Time to move to Mutt?

From: John Stoffel
Subject: Re: [VM] Time to move to Mutt?
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2019 17:14:21 -0400

>>>>> "Uday" == Uday Reddy <address@hidden> writes:

Uday> John Stoffel writes:
>> I tried hacking VM to use something like this, but it broken even
>> harder:
>> quad:~/elisp/vm-8.2.0c/lisp> diff -u ~/elisp/vm-8.2.0b/lisp/vm-imap.el 
>> vm-imap.el
>> --- /home/john/elisp/vm-8.2.0b/lisp/vm-imap.el  2017-03-17 
>> 10:32:24.000000000 -0400
>> +++ vm-imap.el  2017-03-13 11:45:55.000000000 -0400
>> @@ -4382,7 +4382,7 @@
>> ;;-----------------------------
>> (vm-imap-send-command
>> process
>> -       (format "STATUS %s (MESSAGES RECENT)" (vm-imap-quote-string 
>> mailbox)))
>> +       (format "STATUS %s (MESSAGES RECENT UNSEEN)" (vm-imap-quote-string 
>> mailbox)))
>> (while need-ok
>> (setq response (vm-imap-read-response-and-verify process "STATUS"))
>> (cond ((vm-imap-response-matches response 'VM 'OK)

Uday> Now, I understand what you are talking about. You want the number of 
Uday> messages instead of RECENT messages. (Note that the two different 

Uday> To achieve that, you can replace all occurrences of RECENT in
Uday> the vm-imap.el file with UNSEEN.

I'll have to try that.  Basically, I want VM to show me the count of
Un-read (which I guess maps to UNSEEN) instead of RECENT, esp since I
have mutltiple clients.  Looking more closely at the RFC3501 flags
section, I now understand the \Recent flag better.

So I guess what I want is \Unseen  (or more accuraltely !\Seen).

This might be a useful change to make for VM, so that you can choose
what version you want.

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