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Re: [VM] Time to move to Mutt?

From: Robert Marshall
Subject: Re: [VM] Time to move to Mutt?
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2019 19:18:46 +0100

John Stoffel writes:
 > I'm running emacs 24.5.1 on Debian 9.9.  And I see that I can install
 > emacs25, so I'll try using that next as well.  
 I've built an emacs 25 (25-1 I had to fiddle with configure options to
 build under ubuntu, would probably have been ok with 25-2 looking at
 an emacs bug report) here and after recompiling vm (byte code
 versions...) the emacs-shr version worked ok on the 2 emails I tested

I got some messages saying

error in process filter: Args out of range: #<buffer MyImapBoxName 
Presentation>, 1, 1

but I remember seeing those before - I assume later versions of emacs
have fixed whatever that problem was but it didn't interfere with
viewing the emails

If I try to build 24-1 I get a crash out of make with a _GL_WARN_ON_USE
which I'm looking at :)

Robert Marshall               twitter: @rajm

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