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[vile] cannot compile 9.8s -- sh-filt.c

From: hymie
Subject: [vile] cannot compile 9.8s -- sh-filt.c
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2017 12:30:19 -0400


I'm trying to compile vile 9.8s, but I'm getting stuck here:

echo "#include <flt_defs.h>" > sh-filt.c
flex -t sh-filt.l >> sh-filt.c
/usr/bin/m4:stdin:2872: ERROR: end of file in string
makefile:248: recipe for target 'sh-filt.o' failed
make[1]: *** [sh-filt.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/hymie/vile-9.8s/filters'

It worked fine for 9.8q which I compiled about 20 minutes ago.

If it helps, the end of sh-filt.c looks like this:

/* Code executed at the end of each rule. */
#ifndef YY_BREAK
#define YY_BREAK /*LINTED*/break;

#define YY_RULE_SETUP         if ( yyleng > 0 )                 
YY_CURRENT_BUFFER_LVALUE->yy_at_bol =                                 
(yytext[yyleng - 1] == '\n');         YY_USER_ACTION


...which, according to 9.8q, is right before

/** The main scanner function which does all the work.

When I took sh-filt out of the filters Makefile, the rest of the program
compiles, so it's not something obvious like running out of disk space
(that I can tell), and it always fails in the same place.

Any suggestions as to how to troubleshoot?

--hymie!    address@hidden
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