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[PATCH] fix uxvile font, and update xvile to match

From: Brendan O'Dea
Subject: [PATCH] fix uxvile font, and update xvile to match
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2022 13:58:11 +1000

The font specification in /etc/X11/app-defaults/UXVile is being
overridden by the one in XVile.  Additionally update the xvile font to
use the Latin-1 equivalent (9x18 instead of 8x13).

Pushed to as 52d1fe2a and 18f244bc respectively.

diff --git a/macros/ b/macros/
index 6f91fc4..956ad81 100644
--- a/macros/
+++ b/macros/
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
 ! $Id:,v 1.2 2009/10/07 10:53:26 tom Exp $
-*font: -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--18-120-100-100-c-90-iso10646-1
 #include "XVile"
+*font: -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--18-120-100-100-c-90-iso10646-1

diff --git a/macros/ b/macros/
index aab6539..8cb72c5 100644
--- a/macros/
+++ b/macros/
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
 ! "white" on "black" main window
 *background: grey5
 *foreground: grey95
-*font: 8x13
+*font: -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--18-120-100-100-c-90-iso8859-1
 *cursor.background: yellow
 *cursor.foreground: grey5

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