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[Viuavm-commits] [SCM] Viua VM annotated tag v0.9.0 created. v0.9.0

From: git
Subject: [Viuavm-commits] [SCM] Viua VM annotated tag v0.9.0 created. v0.9.0
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2017 12:10:16 +0200 (CEST)

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "Viua VM".

The annotated tag, v0.9.0 has been created
        at  84edefef733a15d1ec25aecae45c30a53792e5c7 (tag)
   tagging  f1d6b22732e783c7e8c70224cfd921ab9e963881 (commit)
  replaces  v0.8.4
 tagged by  Marek Marecki
        on  Sun Jun 25 11:23:09 2017 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Release 0.9.0


With 1287 commits since 0.8.4 this release is the biggest one in the
history of Viua so far.
And not only in terms of commit count, but also functionality.


Closures were reworkerd.
The `enclose*` family of instructions was renamed to `capture*`, and
closures got their own assembly directive - `.closure:`.
Functions declared as closures are not directly callable and
must be instantiated first using `closure` instruction.


Concurrency-related aspects of the VM also got some love.
Blocking operations (`join` and `receive`) can now specify a timeout for
how long they should block a process.
The timeout may be specified in seconds, milliseconds, or
as the `infinity` token.


Some instructions now can be written in a shortened form and
the assembler will inset default values for omitted tokens.
These include for example `join`, `receive`, `istore`, and `fstore`.


The new compile-time `default` keyword can be used wherever it is legal
to omit a token.
The assembler will change the `default` keyword into the default value
for that place.
It is useful when usage of the default value should be stated explicitly.


The new compile-time `iota` keyword generated an ever-increasing integer
starting from 1.
It can be used to automatically assign register indexes:

    .name: %iota answer
    istore %answer local 42
    print %answer local

It is especially useful when code is changed, as the assembler will
reindex the registers automatically and free the programmer from this


Previously, when a process crashed, the VM spawned a watchdog and
run it to completion.
This is now fixed, and crashed processes become their own watchdogs on
failure - so watchdogs are now on the same level as all other processes,
and may be preempted to prevent starvation of "normal" processes.

Before the crashed process becomes a watchdog its stack is unwound.


The new `void` keyword can be used as a target register.
Using void register as the target register will drop the value that
would by normally produced by the instruction.
Some examples:

    ; drop the result of function call (if any)
    call void foo/0

    ; delete the value
    move void %1 local


The `tmpri` and `tmpro` instructions are no longer needed as the VM
supports explicit register set specifiers for register operands.
This means that to move a value from local register set to the static
register set the following instruction can be used:

    ; move <target> <source>
    move %1 static %1 local

...instead of this sequence:

    ress local
    tmpri %1
    ress static
    tmpro %1

Explicit register set specifiers make code shorted and more efficient.


Atoms are unique values whose only property is that they may be checked
for equality.
Useful as tags.
Supported in Viua by `atom` and `atomeq` instructions.


Starting with this release, Viua uses UTF-8 as its internal character
set for text values.
What is more, a special text type was added to the VM's list of
primitive types.
Text values must always be valid UTF-8.

A `text*` family of instructions was introduced to distinguish text
values from a "string of bytes" values produced by `strstore`

As an additional feature, all values can be casted to text using the
`text` instruction:

    istore %1 local 42
    text %2 local %1 local      ; register 2 will contain text "42"


A very useful feature.
Deferred calls may be registered to be called when the frame they were
registered in is popped off the stack (during unwinding, normal returns,
or tail calls).
They are useful as a debugging aid, and can be used to implement
resource management schemes.

More information about deferred calls can be found on the blog.


This release also introduces one very useful and important feature:
processes can now contain many stacks, and switch execution between
Such an additionl will make implementation of several new
functionalities much easier and more intuitive.
For example:

- interrupts: they must be run in the context of a specified process,
  but are in no relation to what the process is currently executing so
  they are a prime candidate to be run on a different stack

- message filtering: a function could be provided to filter messages
  available in a process' mailbox, and as this function's execution is
  is only a tool to achieve some other goal, it would be a good idea to
  run the function on another stack

- stackful coroutines: coroutines that can yield from frames at
  arbitrary depth of the stack, not only from the top-most frame

and possibly more.

A style guide has been introduced with the help of the `clang-format`

VM got a basic static analyser that is able to catch errors at compile

Marek Marecki (1277):
      Move implemntation out of header file
      Switch to emplace_back() in CPU functions
      Remove unused helper program
      Use emplace_back() in code generator functions
      Use emplace_back() in frontends
      Use emplace_back() in loader
      Use emplace_back() instead of push_back() when appropriate
      Add VIUA_TEST_ONLY_ASMING that allows testing just the assembling, 
without running assembled code
      Assembler catches zero-distance forward jumps
      Remove useless continue statements
      Assembler catches zero-distance backward jumps
      Assembler catches zero-distance marker jumps
      Helper script for generating boilerplate code for .asm scripts
      Assembler catches zero-distance absolute jumps
      Add tests for catching zero-distance jumps
      Update Changelog
      Use std::unique_ptr<> to manage frames in ForeignFunctionCallRequests
      Use std::unique_ptr<> to manage ForeignFunctionCallRequests
      Remove all warning and error options from assembler frontend
      Add very crude tokeniser
      Remove spaces and comments from token list
      Special-case strings
      Correctly handle newlines in remove_comments()
      Reduce adjacent newlines
      Tokeniser unwraps lines
      Tokeniser correctly unwraps lines
      Merge branch 'devel' into issue/149/switch-to-token-driven-code-generation
      Make str::stringify() accept bigger integers
      Improved unwrapping
      Tokens dumpes as JSON
      Tokeniser reduces to ".end" directive
      Tokeniser reduces to ".function:" directive
      Enable ".end" and ".function:" reductions
      Simplify code
      Add str::isid() function checking if a string looks like an identifier
      Tokeniser reduces function signatures
      Move JSON encoding to a separate function
      Reorganize code
      Move tokenisation and reduction functions into a namespace
      Tokeniser reduces ".signature:" directive
      Encode to more compact JSON
      Add --size option to asm frontend: it reports size of bytecode that would 
be produced
      Make InvalidSyntax store biger integers to hold line and character numbers
      Implement bytecode size calculation using tokens
      Remove unused prints
      Standardise token stream before processing
      Move lexer to a library
      Move bytecode size calculating function to library
      Add two small functions
      Fix an iterator error
      Reduce block and module names
      Fix remove both ; and -- comments
      Fix comment lexing
      Fix str::extract() function
      Fix function reducing newlines
      Fix unwrapping handles wraps on target operand
      Fix add default constructor for Token type
      Fix add 1 to line and character to make them human readable
      Function signatures are discovered using tokens
      Extract signatures using tokens
      Reduce .bsignature: and .block: directives
      Gather block names using tokens
      Refactoring deduplicate code
      Token::operator function operate on const Token objects
      InvalidSyntax can be constructed with a token and a message
      Reduce .name: and .mark: directives
      Reduce +N and -N jump targets
      Fix obvious brain damage
      Reduce @-prefixed register names
      Fix a sed-typo
      Better error messages
      Update Changelog
      Reduce floating point numbers and absolute jumps
      Fix handle call instructions returning to named registers
      Fix assembler catches unbalanced parenthesis in wrapped instructions
      Fix function names
      New debug messages from assembler
      Better error messages
      Fix clear unwanted spaces after text
      Fix compare just the instruction, not the whole line
      Switch to token-based function and block extraction
      Fix expected error messages
      Remove unused parameters from gathering functions
      Temporary fix
      Add interface to InvalidSyntax
      Hold two lists of tokens
      Assembler provides context for errors
      Refactoring deduplicate code in assembler error tests
      Calculate bytecode size using tokens
      Reduce .main: directive
      Use tokens for directive verification
      Use tokens when checking for unknown instructions
      Use tokens to detect main function to use
      Use tokens for more size calculations
      __entry function does not have tokenised body, use lines for it
      Use tokenised source to map invokable addresses
      Refactoring generate __entry function in separate function
      Generate tokens for entry function
      Fix tokens for __entry function
      Use tokens to map invokable addresses
      Fix sed-typo
      Better return value checking in main function
      Refactoring move main function checking to a separate function
      Update Changelog
      Use tokenised source to verify if called functions are defined
      Add .closure: directive
      Implement basic static checking (empty register accesses)
      Fix typo
      Version bump
      Explicitly mark functions as closures
      Remove stale FIXME
      Better error message for negative register indexes
      Better static checks of empty register accesses
      Tests for static analyser
      Static analysis is now the default, can be disabled with --no-sa flag
      Static analyser checks blocks as they are entered
      Reenable static checks for programs with blocks
      Update README
      Normalise vec instruction tokens
      Make newline optional in str::stringify(long unsigned)
      Static analyser understands vec instructions
      Fix missing register name resolution
      Fix missing --no-sa flags in tests for runtime exceptions
      Fix Clang build
      Fix support jump checking of closures
      Disable static checking for 2 more tests with closures
      Static checking of more instructions
      Merge branch 'devel' of into devel
      Add tests for SA of three operand instructions
      One more test
      Add SA of "not" instructions
      Add SA of cast instructions
      Add SA of "vinsert" instruction
      Add SA of "vpush" instruction
      Add SA of vat, vpop and vlen instructions
      Fix vpush from empty registers in vlen test (caught by SA)
      Fix add missing test file
      Remove stale test for EMPTY instruction
      Shorten code
      Remove "empty" instruction
      Add SA of ptr instruction
      Add SA of "throw" instruction
      Move static analyser code to its own file
      Add (naive) SA of tmpri and tmpro registers
      Add SA of "insert" instruction
      Better error message on undeclared register names
      Add SA of "isnull" instruction
      Add SA of "fcall" instruction
      One more test for SA of "pamv" instruction
      Add SA of "join" instruction
      Add SA of "remove" instruction
      Update Changelog
      Add "send" instruction to bytecode definition
      Implement "send" instruction
      Rewrite tests to use "send" instruction instead of Process:pass/2 function
      Small update to TAO
      Remove Process::pass/2 function
      Update Changelog
      Closes #161
      Add SA of "send" instruction
      Add SELF to bytecode definition
      Implement "self" instruction
      Add simple test for "self" instruction
      Update Changelog, closes #137
      Add timeout to "receive" instruction
      Add more descriptive error message for invalid timeout operand in receive
      Add tests for receive timeouts
      Update Changelog
      Add a better check of whether a wrapped instruction can be unwrapped
      Use checked access to std::vector elements
      Cook tokens earlier (use enhanced verification to throw parsing errors 
      Encode name in case it is a newline (need better newline detection)
      Factor timeout-operand checking code out of the main checker function
      Add timeout to "join" instruction
      Add tests for join timeouts
      Update Changelog, closes #162
      Align code for readability
      Use formatring consistent with rest of the source
      Rename CPU to Kernel, a name that better pictures its responsibilities
      Better clean production
      Start refactoring of operand decoding machinery
      Refactor "and" and "or" instruction decoding
      Fix Travis build
      Fix run Valgrind tests with correct executable
      Refactor opernad decoding in "bstore" instruction
      Add viua::bytecode::decoder::operands::fetch_primitive_uint() function
      Refactor "frame" instruction
      Refactor "param" and "pamv" instructions
      Refactor "arg" and "argc" instructions
      Remove commented code
      Add function for decoding atoms (null-terminated ASCII strings)
      Refactor decoding function names in "call" and "tailcall" instructions
      Refactor return register decoding in "call" instruction
      Refactor setting return register
      Refactor casting instructions
      Refactor enclosing instructions
      Refactor "closure" and "function" instructions
      New ctor for Function and Closure types
      Refactor "process", "join" and "self" instructions
      Refactor "watchdog" instruction
      Refactor "send" and "receive" instructions
      Refactor float instructions
      Add functions for extracting and fetching uint64_t from bytecode
      Refactor "jump" and "branch" instructions
      Refactor "echo" instruction
      Add function for fetching primitive integers
      Remove commented code
      Refactor integer instructions
      Fix type used
      Deduplicate code
      Refactor "link" and "import" instructions
      Add function for fetching Viua VM objects from registers when decoding 
      Refactor "new" instruction
      Refactor "insert" and "remove" instructions
      Refactor "class", "derive", "attach" and "register" instructions
      Simplify code
      Colorise some assembler error messages
      Colorise more error messages
      Colorise some assembler error messages
      Colorise more error messages
      Fix error messages tests check for
      Merge branch 'devel' into issue/152/refactor-operand-encoding-and-decoding
      Refactor "move" instruction
      Refactor "copy" instruction
      Refactor "ptr" instruction
      Refactor "swap" instruction
      Refactor "delete" instruction
      Refactor "isnull" instruction
      Refactor "tmpri" and "tmpro" instructions
      Refactor "ress" instruction
      Add small documentation notes
      Add better documentation notes
      Remove unused parameter name
      Add function fetching string operands
      Remove useless #include
      Refactor "strstore" instruction
      Refactor throw-catch instructions
      Refactor "vec" instruction
      Add FIXME
      Remove incorrect comment
      Refactor "vinsert" instruction
      Refactor "vpush" instruction
      Refactor "vpop" instruction
      Refactor "vat" instruction
      Refactor "vlen" instruction
      Refactor "fstore" instruction
      Remove old operand-extracting code
      Remove old comment
      Remove unused file (another operand extracting module)
      Remove stale header
      Remove useless #include
      Refactored operand fetching #152
      Update Changelog
      Colorise error messages only when writing to terminal
      Detect name reuse in a single block and throw an error
      Fix std::misc to pass new register-name check
      Add checking for registers being defined before being named
      Properly expand integer, float, and boolean instructions when given only 
two operands
      Begin refactoring of static analyser
      More detailed messages from static analyser
      Add new operand types
      Colorise more output
      Gather names using tokens
      Fix a typo
      Remove useless if
      Reduce newlines twice, for a good measure
      Gather marks using tokens
      More colors
      Expand "istore" instructions with only one operand with zero
      Expand "fstore" instructions with only one operand with zero
      Expand "strstore" instructions with only one operand with empty string
      Update version
      Remove useless variable
      Factor line-assembling to a new function
      Change debug log output from assemble_instruction()
      Add tests for default values of "istore", "fstore", and "strstore"
      Better code formatting
      Fix incorrect comment
      Fix generating spurious newline when counting instructions in [] wrap
      Expand "frame" instructions
      Expand "vpop" instructions
      Expand "enclose*" instructions
      Fix old syntax
      Generate bytecode using tokens, not lines
      Remove unused lines parameters
      Expand cast instructions
      Use only tokens for resolving jumps and register names
      Add using declaration for viua::cg::lex::Token
      Use a single clean production
      Use tokens to extract modules to link form .link: directives
      Reduce .link: directives
      Correctly skip .link: directives during static analysis
      Fix recognise .link: as a valid directive
      Detect missing module names in .link: directive
      Update Changelog
      Use tokens to gather meta information about source code from .info: 
      Add --meta option to assembler
      Decode escape sequences in strings
      Add simple test for meta information encoding and decoding
      Use tokens to verify "function" and "closure" instructions
      Remove unused parameters from generate()
      Restrict allowed register and marker names
      Add "const" to reserved keywords
      Use tokens to verify function names
      Use tokens to verify block tries
      Use tokens to verify block in catch instructions
      Add "temporary" to a list of reserver words
      Use tokens to verify register names in "ress" instructions
      Add some more reserved words
      Improve readability
      Add setter for token text content
      Use tokens to verify block body emptiness
      Use tokens to verify frame balance
      Better frame balance checking
      Fix a typo
      Add new dependency in Makefile production for assembler frontend
      Use tokens to verify function call arities
      Use tokens to verify dynamic dispatch call arities
      Rename a variable to be more descriptive
      Remove accidental line
      Add FIXME
      Use tokens to verify that frames have no gaps
      Implement iota for []
      Remove unused <iostream> include
      Add a level of manual control over token-reduction level in lexer
      Fix usage message in lexer
      Guard against stary .end markers and square brackets
      Fix do not append ^, parentheses, or square brackets to names
      Add missing test file
      Reduce directives before replacing iotas and unwrapping
      Test iota in register names
      Add .iota: directive to manipulate iota values
      Remove extra whitespace
      Add some basic iota-related verification
      Update Changelog, version bump, closes #163
      Change order of reductions run on raw token list
      Document the order of token reductions
      Document more reductions
      Document order of "other multi-token reductions"
      Use tokens to verify that functions end with "return" or "tailcall"
      Remove test for frames without operands
      Use tokens to verify that blocks end with a valid instruction
      Better colors
      Highlight the token that made assembly fail
      Better location details in error messages
      Fix handle absolute jumps with negative indexes
      Fix reduce_newlines() removes all newlines from beginning of token list
      Standardise "branch" instructions before further processing
      Use tokenised source to verify jump targets
      Remove code that became useless after transition to token-based source 
      Refactor error reporting code
      Split error reporting code into smaller functions
      Fix colorsing only error token
      Version bump from to
      Add test for branches without operands
      Remove useless checks (branch instructions are sanitised prior to 
      Add useless branch checking
      Add tests for simple cases of useless branch
      Fix do not crash on absolute jumps
      Add tests for mixed index/offset useless branches
      Add useless branch test: different markers pointing to the same 
      Add more tests for useless branch checking
      Remove code duplication in directive reductions
      Further refactoring
      Remove duplicated code
      Fix comment
      Use empty strings as "any" token when matching
      Join directive-looking adjacent tokens for better error messages
      Small update to README
      Remove unused code
      Remove remaining line-based processing code
      Add function expanding default values
      Add default value for first operand of "arg" instruction
      Add default value for return register in "call" instruction
      Continue after each "default" expansion
      Add default value for "istore" instruction
      Add default value for "strstore" instruction
      Implement default value for "fstore" instruction
      Add tests for "default" keyword
      Update Changelog
      Better name for a function
      Use match() function instead of matching tokens using nested ifs
      Add TracedSyntaxError for detailed error messages
      Add more details to register-erase event in static analyser
      Static analyser generates traced errors whenever possible
      Support traced syntax errors in assembler frontend
      Add test for inifite timeout in "receive" instruction
      Add test for default timeout in "receive" instruction
      Add test for default timeout in "join" instruction
      Implement "default" as a valid timeout value for "join" and "receive" 
      Negative timeouts are not valid
      Timeouts can be given in seconds
      Update Changelog
      Sending a message cannot fail
      Update Changelog
      Fix for TravisCI broken build
      Rename functions in std::io module
      Fix correctly verify functions ending with "tailcall" instruction
      Fix correct verification of enclosing instructions
      Add *very* simple, broken file reading API
      Update Changelog
      Change "branch" instruction to "if"
      Add initial support for nesting blocks in functions (single level of 
      Rewrite some sample code using nested blocks to check if the 
functionality works
      Update Changelog
      Add partial branch support to static analyser
      Update Changelog
      Add info about static analyser to README
      More control over colorising with VIUAVM_ASM_COLOUR
      Fix std::logic_error when VIUAVM_ASM_COLOUR is not defined
      Refactor code to play nice with new static analyser
      Add FIXMEs
      Remove useless prints
      Add SA code for more instructions
      SA errors are always traced to show in which function they were detected
      Static analyser understands branches (somewhat)
      Add more tests
      Update Changelog
      Remove unused class
      Remove unused class
      Remove byte instructions
      Update Changelog
      Remove unused file
      PIDs of joinable processes may be dropped
      Fix print instruction first appends newline to string, then prints it
      Fix indentation
      Improve VP load balancing logic
      Fix TravisCI build failure
      Time tests
      Fix copying objects
      Better stringification for Object and Prototype
      Update Changelog
      Update sample code for new watchdog scheme
      Remove old FIXME
      Processes use embed their own watchdogs
      Update tests for per-process watchdogs
      Setting watchdog does not require a frame
      Trace frame errors during static analysis
      Improve logging from VPS
      Fix bind processes to new schedulers upon migration
      Use per-process watchdog scheme in VPS
      Rename Process::bind_to() to Process::migrate_to()
      Update Changelog
      Fix tests expect traced errors
      Report summed run time of VM tests
      Remove unused code
      Remove useless member variable, hide logging behind preprocessor
      Version bump
      Add "99 bottles of beer" benchmark
      Version bump
      Fix check that blocks and function names are not reserved keywords
      Fix emit better errors for replaced values (e.g. iota) using original 
string contents
      Test for reserved words being used as block names
      Fix handling traced errors in assembler frontend
      Fix do not allow duplicated names in a single source file
      Fix functions and blocks cannot have the same names
      Mangle nested block names
      Remove means of process state manipulation from user code
      Update Changelog
      Rename "enclose" instructions as "capture"
      Make Integer inherit from viua::types::numeric::Number
      Improve foreign-import exception message
      Make viua::types::numeric::Number a common base of Float and Integer
      Add pretty-lexing helper script
      Add test for timeouts specified in seconds
      Use double as underlying Float type
      Override Number member functions for Boolean
      Fixes and simplifications
      Fix tests for new rules
      Boolean is not a special case of an Integer
      Remove old methods from Integer
      Move Integer, Float and String to viua::types namespace
      Move types to viua::types namespace
      Move FFI scheduler implementation and declarations out of kernel files
      Shuffl-shuffle: move FFI scheduler into a namespace
      Add missing file
      Move Kernel to a namespace
      Move PID to its own file
      Move PID to a namespace
      Move Process to a namespace
      Rename viua::types::ProcessType to Process
      Move RegisterSet to a namespace
      Remove unreachable code
      Add new operand type
      Fix implement default for msg instruction target
      Fix set correct original contents for replaced defaults
      Add void operand type
      Add default constructor for Token
      Store more details about register modification locations
      Fix saved register modification position in receive instructions
      Remove unused code
      Fix saved register modification position in other instructions
      Fix jump handling in SA
      Handle register instruction in SA
      Receiving to 0 register drops the message
      Underlining more tokens provides better context for error messages
      Fix a typo
      Add void for some instructions
      Update Changelog
      Fetch void operands
      Basic support for void operands
      Allow disassembling void operands in more places
      Implement void for target of process instruction
      Implement void for target of arg instruction
      Make Valgrind output parsing more resilient
      Implement void for target of join instruction
      Implement void for target of receive instruction
      Consistency is king
      Add tests for void target
      Add test for using void as input register
      Incomplete implementation of new bytecode size calculation function
      One more change
      Unwrap instructions before de-inlining blocks
      Unwrap instructions before de-inlining blocks
      Test error message on invalid register index in .name: directive
      Rename viua::cg::lex::reduce() to cook()
      Replace names when cooking tokens
      Fix TravisCI build
      Update information about nested blocks
      Remove prints
      Remove unused functions
      Merge branch 'issue/add-void-operand-type' into devel
      Improve error messages from entered blocks (trace block enters in SA)
      Do not pass names as parameter
      Stylistic change to better reflect what the code does
      Remove support for dot-prefixed absolute jumps
      Remove old FIXME
      Remove old absolute-jump-related code
      Small refactoring
      Calculate jump offsets using tokens and not generated bytecode
      Remove unused code
      Remove more unused code
      Resue code
      Fix iinc and idec have only one operand
      Fix correctly calculate size of msg
      Fix correctly increase number of consumed tokens
      Experimental bytecode size calculating function
      Add license notes
      Normalise vinsert instruction operands
      Fix correct sizes of ress and fstore instructions
      Partially switch to new implementation of bytecode size calculation
      Handle timeout operands in new bytecode size calculator
      Add 4 bytes to void operands (for now)
      Throw on invalid operands
      Fix some size calculating functions
      Fix size calculation for "derive" instruction
      Fix size calculation for "attach" instruction
      Fix size calculation for "register" instruction
      Fix size calculation for "new" instruction
      Remove stale FIXMEs
      Port bytecode size calculations to new model
      Remove traces of old bytecode size calculating code
      Throw exception instead of copying Ifstream in std::io
      Void operands are only one byte in size (only the type marker)
      Update Changelog
      Fix std::io::ifstream::getline/1 throws exception when reading from 
EOF-ed stream
      Fix add missing symbols to .so
      Refactor register-index operands encoding (preparation for pointer 
dereference implementation)
      Refactor echo and print to use fetch_object() instead of manually 
fetching using register index
      Use fetch_object() instead of manually fetching using register index
      Emit pointer dereference sequences in bytecode
      Interpret pointer dereference bytecode
      Allow pointer dereferences in integer instructions
      Allow pointer dereferences in float instructions
      Add basic tests for pointer dereference
      Allow pointer dereferences in "and" and "or" instructions
      Add more tests for pointer dereference
      Make "not" a two-operand instruction
      Allow pointer dereferences in "not" source
      Allow pointer dereferences in cast instructions
      Remove stale comments
      Change function names to clearly map to opcode names
      Add missing test files
      Fix void may be used as return register in "fcall" instruction
      Allow pointer dereferences in "capturecopy" instruction
      Allow pointer dereferences in source of "fcall" instruction
      Allow pointer dereferences in source of "if" instruction
      Better error message on missing operands
      Update Changelog
      Make get_operand_type() function usable in modules other than 
      Refactor register-erasing code in SA
      Allow pointer dereferences in source of "insert" instruction
      Better stringification of objects
      Add more tests
      Allow using void as target of "remove" instruction
      Small code reorganisation
      Fix pointer dereferences throw exception instead of silently returning 
register indexes
      Allow pointer dereferences as target and source of "vinsert" instruction
      Allow pointer dereferences as source of "vpush" instruction
      Allow void as target of "vpop" instruction
      Closes #166
      Update README
      Update README
      Fix record correct place of register definition
      Fix skip backward jumps, but analyse later instructions
      Small refactoring
      Better error message about creating "function from undefined function"
      SA can detect unused values
      Update Changelog
      Rewrite Frame to use std::unique_ptr<> to hold register sets
      Use bounds checking
      Rewrite RegisterSet to use std::unique_ptr<> and std::vector<> instead of 
raw pointers and arrays
      Do not leak memory
      Use std::unique_ptr to handle RegisterSet copies
      Add RAII utility for maybe-unique pointers
      Move implementation out of header file
      Remove unnecessary comments
      Refactor code
      Kernel owns prototypes
      Move prototypes to std::unique_ptr
      Manage FFI workers with std::unique_ptr
      Manage main module using std::unique_ptr
      Manage linked modules using std::unique_ptr
      Use std::unique_ptr to manage bytecode arrays
      Remove stale code
      Remove unused code
      Caller receives ownership of objects returned by Type::copy()
      Caller receives ownership of objects returned by Type::pointer()
      Caller receives ownership of objects returned by RegisterSet::pop()
      Caller receives ownership of objects returned by Process::pop()
      Vector uses std::unique_ptr to manage the objects it owns
      Caller receives ownership of objects returned by Vector::pop()
      Object uses std::unique_ptr to manage objects it owns
      Caller receives ownership of objects returned by Object::remove()
      Explicit ownership passing in Object::set() and Object::insert()
      Explicit ownership passing in Vector public API
      RegisterSet assumes ownership of the objects it holds
      Process::place() takes ownership of the object it receives
      Process::put() takes ownership of the objects it receives
      Remove unused register set flags
      Process::raiseException() takes ownership of the object it receives
      Rename exception-raising funtions to just raise()
      Version bump, also closes #167
      Rename "pull" instruction to "draw"
      Small adjustment
      Use better name
      Use better name
      Small refactoring
      Reduce code duplication
      Add another small reduction in code duplication
      More code deduplication
      Increase code readability
      Another small reduction in code duplication
      Remove requirement for * and @ to be connected to the register name they 
      Add small improvement to the syntax
      Remove obvious comments
      Fix VM does not crash when fcall source is not callable
      Fix set correct original values in automatically inserted tokens
      Fix do not try to resolve third operand to vec as register name
      Prevent accessing named registers using direct indexes (enforced by SA)
      Fix dubious accesses found by SA
      Small fix to direct-access-to-named checking
      Support pointer dereferences in "param" instruction
      Change "vat" instruction to return pointers to objects, not copies
      Update README
      Fix a typo
      Version bump
      Allow explicit writes to standard output and error via std::io module
      Use more descriptive make for "uregset" variable
      Use better name
      Use better variable names
      Refactor Closure type
      Small fix in a comment
      Version bump
      Add function for fetching operand types
      Add operand types for unlimited size integers, and arbitrary precision 
      Add unified arithmetic and logic opcodes to bytecode definition
      Provide mnemonics for unified arithmetic and logic opcodes
      Prepare headers for ADD instruction
      Implement disassembly of unified arithmetic and logic opcodes
      Calculate size of unified arithmetic and logic instructions
      Basic analysis of unified ALU instructions
      Bytecode generator can emit unified ADD
      Program generator emits ADD instructions
      Add stub for ADD instruction
      Dispatch ADD instructions
      Assembler frontend recognizes ADD instructions
      Factor operand type encoding to a separate function
      Another small refactoring
      Emit bytecode for all ALU instructions
      Generate bytecode for all unified ALU instructions
      Correctly execute ADD instruction
      Employ heavy abstraction in unified ALU instructions implementation
      Template black magic
      Dispatch unified arithmetic instructions
      Split into two functions
      Special-case unwrapping result specifiers for unified ALU instructions
      Dispatch unified comparison instructions
      Update Changelog
      Remove old unused sample code
      Rewrite sample code to use unified ALU instructions
      Implement unified ALU instructions, closes #168
      First small step towards fixed-sized internals
      Yet another safe change
      One more small change
      Rename bytecode inserting functions
      Preparation for refactoring
      Further refactoring (required some sample rewriting)
      Properly disassemble OT_INT operands
      Drop the implicit cast
      Refactor the way primitive ints are decoded (required refactoring of vat 
and vpop)
      Code deduplication
      Introduce viua::internals::types::plain_int for plain integers
      Refactor timeout encoding
      Introduce a type alias for VM floats
      Remove dead code
      Encode istore correctly
      Use type alias
      Use byte instead of unsigned char
      Refactor code to use special type for timeouts
      Use viua type instead of bare unsigned
      Use unsigned as underlying timeout type
      Use viua::internals::types::register_index as RI type
      Fix type signatures
      More type adjustments
      Fix Clang++ inconsistencies in override usage
      Make implicit conversions explicit
      Remove useless std::move()
      Use VM types in disassembler
      Small type change
      Type adjustment
      Use fixed-size unsigned integer as a register index type
      Use fixed-size unsigned integer for timeout operands
      Make type in declaration the same as type in definition
      Use viua::internals::types::plain_int instead of int
      Use fixed size integer for plain integers
      Remove obsolete OP_SIZES map, introduce OP_MNEMONICS
      Use std::string::size_type instead of bare unsigned
      Use well-defined types and inference instead of bare ints in support 
string lib
      Shed more ints
      Remove bare int, use decltype()
      Use viua-defined type instead of bare int
      Replace bare unsigned
      Use viua-defined type in "ress" instruction
      Introduce a special type for bytecode size
      Use special type instead of bare uint64_t
      Tell Clang that it is all OK
      Use decltypes instead of bare ints
      Use exceptions for errors, not return codes
      Remove dead code
      Do not use return codes for errors
      Use uint16_t to store process priorities
      Switch to uint16_t for priorities
      Use int64_t to store values in Integer type
      More decltype()
      Use viua::internals::types::register_index instead of bare ints
      Use uint8_t instead of unsigned char
      Remove unused header file
      Use uint64_t to counter references in Reference
      Use decltype() instead of explicitly specifying return type
      Use viua::internals::types::bytecode_size instead of bare uint64_t
      Use more named types
      Use timeout_op instead of int_op for timeouts
      Use int64_t as underlying Integer type
      Use defined types instead of bare ints
      Change uint64_t to viua::internals::types::bytecode_size in more places
      Add type for process time slice
      Change uint64_t to viua::internals::types::bytecode_size
      Use decltype() instead of explicitly specifying type
      Move byte typedef into viua::internals::types
      Update Changelog
      Add fixed-size type for "ress" instruction operand
      Change registeset_type_marker underlying type to uint8_t
      Add an enum class for register set types
      Use std::unique_ptr::swap()
      RegisterSet holds a set of Register objects
      Prepare methods for proxying register access through Register objects
      Use register proxy in "move" implementation
      Fix names in sample program
      Fix semantics of moves and resets in Register objects
      One function call less
      Use register proxy in "copy" implementation
      Fix Register::empty()
      Use Register::empty() to implement Register::operator bool()
      Use more register proxies
      Move masks to Register class
      Release std::unique_ptr<> from Register
      Use register proxies in "swap" and "tmpri"
      Rewrite "delete" to use register proxy
      Use register proxies in unified ALU instructions
      Use register proxies in bool instructions
      Use register proxies in cast instructions
      Use register proxies in "arg" and "argc" instructions
      Use viua::kernel::Register to return values from calls
      Rewrite sample code to match new rules
      Update Changelog
      Use register proxies in closure instructions
      Use register proxies in "capture" implementation
      Do not release from std::unique_ptr<>, use moves
      Use register proxies in concurrency instructions
      Use register proxy in "fstore" implementation
      Fix type name
      Use register proxy in integer instructions
      Use register proxies in object and vector instructions
      Use register proxies in type system instructions
      Use register proxy in "strstore" implementation
      Use register proxies in throw-catch instructions
      Minor refactoring
      Throw Valgrind errors on invalid reads
      Scheduler should depend on process object file
      Fix type mismatch
      Add VIUA_STACK_TRACES environment variable
      Fix type used
      Refactoring once again
      Disassembler uses --debug flag to output to stdout
      Encode different operands for "vat" depending on what is requested by 
user code
      Small type fix
      Make implicit conversion explicit
      Remove useless moves detected by Clang
      Remove redundant spaces from disassembler output
      Encode register set type in ri operands
      Refactoring and a few FIXMEs
      Fix allow returning, receiving and joining into 0 register
      Prepare for more involved operand index extraction
      Make reserved-keyword functions publicly available
      Prepare for more inserting rs-type specifiers into tokens stream
      Small adjustment
      Remove duplicated definition
      Prepare asm frontend for rs type insertion
      Everything still works
      Encode registerset type from operand in bytecode
      Lay groundwork for per-operand registerset switching
      Force % before register indexes
      Allow access mode sigil to precede iota
      More information from lexer
      Fix access mode sigils near iota, and in .name: directives
      Make it possible to convert bare integers to int_ops (for istore)
      Add missing access specifiers
      Require access-mode sigils before register-index operands
      Standard library modules written in Viua assembly are compilable with new 
      Re-add stdlib production to all production
      Some tests pass
      Additional fixes
      Allow changing access mode during instruction unwrapping
      Fix for .unused: hint
      Tests pass once more
      Update Changelog, closes #170
      Update README
      Update README
      Merge branch 'devel' into 
      Better error messages
      Reorder index and rs type in bytecode
      Allow assembling with explict rs types for izero
      Additional verification for main function
      Allow chaining InvalidSyntax::add() calls
      Update boilerplate generator
      Adapt code to new rules concerning return from main function
      Update Changelog
      Remove old FIXME
      Disassemble register set names in print and echo
      Normalise explicit register set names in print and echo
      Use explicit register sets in print and echo
      Add tests for throwing from empty register
      Support specifying register sets in throw instruction
      Test for delete on empty register
      Support explicit register sets for delete
      Support explicit register sets for istore
      Skip is required to not analyse explicit register set names
      Support explicit register sets for iinc and idec
      Use Viua type alias instread of bare float
      Fix disassembly of istore
      Support explicit register sets for fstore
      Support explicit register sets for cast instructions
      Cast instructions can move values between register sets
      Support explicit register sets for strstore
      Fix correctly deal with references
      Support explicit register sets for ALU instructions
      Support explicit register sets for vec
      Vector target may be in a different register set than pack
      Support explicit register sets for vinsert and vpush
      Fix disassembly for vpush and vinsert
      Support explicit register sets for vpop, vat, and vlen
      Support explicit register sets for not
      Support explicit register sets for move, copy, swap, and ptr
      Support explicit register sets for isnull
      Remove tmpri and tmpro instructions, remove temporary register
      Update Changelog
      Support explicit register sets for capture, capturecopy, and capturemove
      Support explicit register sets for closure and function
      Support explicit register sets for fcall
      Remove code duplication
      Merge branch 'devel' of into devel
      Support explicit register sets for call
      Support explicit register sets for process
      Colorise error messages from disassembler and kernel
      Send error messages to standard error stream
      Fix disassembly of call and process
      Fix size of __entry when main/2 is used as main function
      Check correctness of disassembly process
      Code reorganisation
      Support explicit register sets for and, and or
      Fix disassembly of and, and or
      Support explicit register sets for self
      Remove stale, misleading comment
      Support explicit register sets for join
      Refactoring exploit the fact that position of each operand is known
      Support explicit register sets for send and receive
      Remove duplicated code
      Support explicit register sets for throw and draw
      Support explicit register sets for class, derive, attach, register, new, 
      Support explicit register sets for param, pamv, arg
      Support explicit register sets for argc
      Support explicit register sets for insert, remove
      Remove unused function
      Update Changelog
      Add support for explicitly writing to/reading from global register set
      Simple test for explicit register sets
      Another test for explcit register sets
      Version bump, closes #169
      Add missing copyright and license headers
      Update copyright notices of files modified in 2017
      First working stack-related commit
      Move exception handling to stack
      Move call frames to stack
      Move exception frames to stack
      More process return value to stack
      Move jump base, instruction pointer, and instruction counter to stack
      Remove instruction counter
      Wrap access to frames with member functions
      Create type alias for stack size
      Make frames vector private
      Use only Stack for unwinding, not Process
      Remove unused code
      Make more Stack state private
      Deduplicate code
      Move frame pushing and preparation to Stack
      Fix a typo
      If no processes are active make scheduler go to sleep
      Assemble call instruction for function objects
      Function objects can be called using call instruction
      Replace "fcall" with "call" in all places
      Backend for tailcalls from function objects
      Backend for processes from function objects
      Assemble tailcalls of function objects
      Different serialisation for stack trace dumps
      Add test helper function for JSON stack traces
      Add test for tailcall of function objects
      Allow checking if maybe_unique_ptr owns the pointer
      Fix reset pointer to null after it is deleted
      Minor refactoring: remove useless function calls
      Fix the offset is constant
      Fix do not crash when the frame did not own its registers
      Method for checking if closures are empty
      Reset maybe_unique_ptr from std::unique_ptr
      Allow closures to release their register set
      Allow tailcalls to closures
      Allow dynamic dispatch calls using function objects
      Test for dynamic dispatch from function objects
      Increate per-burst cycles allocated to processes to 512
      Merge branch 'devel' of into devel
      Remove unimplemented opcode from bytecode definition
      Use -- style comments in disassembler output
      Add two new reserved words
      Merge branch 'devel' of into devel
      Merge branch 'devel' into text-and-utf8
      Add FIXME
      Fix prevent pointers from being dereferenced from "other" processes
      Remove useless code
      Fix build
      Fix prevent Pointer::authenticate() from marking invalid pointers as safe
      Merge branch 'devel' into text-and-utf8
      Remove useless variable
      Throw std::domain_error() on invalid UTF8
      Merge branch 'devel' into text-and-utf8
      Merge branch 'text-and-utf8' of into 
      Remove unused constant
      Add TEXT instruction to bytecode definition
      Add declarations required for TEXT opcode
      Adjust docs for String type
      Add backend for emitting TEXT opcodes
      Fix throw errors when assembler is unable to calculate size of an 
      Make assembler frontend recognise TEXT instruction
      Add Text type
      Update Makefile for TEXT instruction
      Dispatch TEXT opcodes
      Text values are printable
      Fix correctly skip over the floating point token
      Add missing tokens to skip-over logic
      Remove duplicated code
      Standardise TEXT instruction
      Copy STRSTORE tests for TEXT
      Add missing implementation file
      Move to GCC 6 and C++14
      Replace mentions of C++11 with C++14
      Hotifx for Travis CI
      Update Clang for Travis
      Another small fix for Travis
      Fix missing hyphen
      Add equality comparison to Text type
      Add TEXTEQ opcode to bytecode definition
      Add headers for TEXTEQ
      Add bytecode emitting and disassembly for TEXTEQ
      Support TEXTEQ in assembler backend
      Support TEXTEQ in assembler frontend
      Implement TEXTEQ instruction
      Fix pessimising move
      Make Clang happy
      More tests
      Maybe Coverity will run this time
      Maybe fix?
      Add new text instructions to bytecode definition
      Version bump
      Fix kernel frontend option parsing
      Add More text-related instructions
      Add stubs for text-related opcodes implementation
      Add documentation for text instructions
      Add disassembly of text instructions
      Emit bytecode for text instructions
      Add program generator functions for text instructions
      Calculate sizes of text instructions
      First shot at static analysis of text instructions
      Assembler frontend for text instructions
      Implement TEXTAT instruction
      Add missing frontend for TEXTLENGTH
      Implement TEXTLENGTH instruction
      Merge branch 'text-and-utf8' of into 
      Implement textsub instruction
      Implement textconcat instruction
      Implement textcommonprefix/suffix instructions
      Fix implicit type conversions that Clang was complaining about
      Remove textview instruction
      Remove Coverity stuff from devel branch
      Nicer printing of PIDs and Processes
      Merge branch 'text-and-utf8' into devel
      Fix test failure (process stringification is not always the same)
      Fix an embarassing bug
      Add Mailbox class to represent process mailboxes
      Fix vector element access
      Use text instead of strstore in READMEs
      Update README
      Another small change to README
      Slightly better exception messages
      VPOP uses indexes from registers
      Two more tests for VPOP
      Remove old, incorrect comment
      Fix __entry function generation
      Remove .main: assembler directive
      Additional documentation
      Implement basic tracing
      VPOP uses indexes from registers
      Two more tests for VPOP
      Fix __entry function generation
      Add tailcall function names to trace
      Add requested index and vector size to out-of-bounds error message
      Fix add missing fetch-specifiers to operands
      Rewrite stdlib vector module to use vat instead of vpop-vinsert combo
      Simplify code
      Fix add missing fetch-specifiers and make them required
      VAT and VPOP instructions fetch indexes from registers instead of using 
immediate values
      Merge branch 
'issue/171/refactor-vector-instructions-to-fetch-indexes-from-registers' of into 
      Add new FIXME entries
      Update Changelog
      Merge branch 
'issue/171/refactor-vector-instructions-to-fetch-indexes-from-registers' into 
      Remove unneeded files
      Remove code implementing ".main:" directive
      Add struct opcodes to bytecode definition
      Implement "struct" instruction
      Add missing files
      Add missing file
      Implemenet "structinsert" instruction
      Allow using different quoting characters in str::enquote()
      Implement "structkeys" instruction
      Use correct type for loop counter
      Make Clang happy
      Dispatch "link" instructions to "import" implementation
      Remove "link" instruction, use only "import"
      Rename ".link:" to ".import:"
      Update Changelog
      Implement "structremove" instruction
      Fix disassembly of "structinsert"
      Tests for struct instructions
      Merge branch 'issue/172/add-structs-as-generic-key-value-containers' into 
      Fixes #172
      Add ATOM and ATOMEQ opcodes to bytecode definition
      Implement "atom" and "atomeq" instructions
      Require struct keys to be Atom values
      Add missing files
      Thanks Clang
      Tests for atoms
      Abstract fetching a value and checking its type into a template
      Make Atom type compatible with fetch_object_of<>() function
      Employ fetch_object_of<>() function in "atomeq" implementation
      Add test for comparing atoms with different types
      Closes #173
      Fix invalid cast
      Add Boolean type implementation file
      Add generic type names to types
      Implement more type checks
      Version bump
      Update copyright notices
      Make Boolean a type distinct from numerics
      Simplified casts for numbers
      Add arithmetic operators to Integer and Float types
      Rewrite arithmetic instructions
      Add underlying_type to Float (similar to what Integer has)
      Use fixed-size integers for String indexing
      Use inderlying_type for casts (do not needlessly repeat information)
      Simplify numeric types' code
      Update copyright notices
      Implement comparison operators for Integer and Float
      Simplify implementation of comparison instructions
      Further simplify arithmetic-logic code, reduce code duplication
      Remove return type specifiers from arithmetic and logic instructions
      Update Changelog
      Merge branch 'issue/8f249243/simplify-arithmetic-ops' into devel
      Remove some uses of fetch_object2
      Remove commented code
      Fix fetch_object() correctly dereferences references
      Better type checking in arithmetic instructions
      Remove unused code
      Add missing file
      Move code of Stack class out of Process implementation file
      Prefix strstore and text instructions string operands with operand type
      Make text accept two kinds of operands: literals and register operands
      Only one set of Clang flags
      Enable ThreadSanitizer for Clang builds
      Fix make "finished" process state flag
      Add Mailbox::size() function
      Simplify code by using fetch_object_of<>()
      Fix prevent data-race between destructor and fetching return value
      Prepare headers for processes' return-value channel
      Preparation work for moving process joining into kernel
      Further preparations
      Fix record return value instead of exception
      Fix and FIXME a process should not return twice
      Create return value slots for processes that are not disowned
      Record return values of stopped processes
      Fix add missing functions
      Fix uninitialised pointer
      New process return value passing, and process joining logic almost works
      Do not record return value if there is no slot, or it was already recorded
      Fix detaching processes removes their return value slot making them 
      Move joinability checking to kernel
      Fix some races by saving PIDs
      Version bump
      Improve readability by naming values
      Use std::to_string() for number conversions
      Fix add compiler flags for Clang 3.9 (for TravisCI)
      Rewrite samples not to use removed features
      Process values always evaluate to false
      Fix expected output
      Remove deprecated features
      Update Changelog
      Add missing copyright note
      Update sample code to new way of detaching processes
      Rename core value from Type to Value
      Rename header and implementation file to match type name
      Move implementations to implementation files
      Merge branch 'devel' into 
      Merge thread-hardened code into main branch
      Disable TSan on devel
      Fix compiler names for TracisCI
      Remove string functions obsoleted by text instruction
      Ready for multiple stacks
      Add "defer" opcode to bytecode definition
      Disassemble "defer" instructions
      Stub implementation of "defer"
      Emit "defer" bytecode
      Add static analysis of "defer" instructions
      Calculate size of "defer" instructions
      Dispatch "defer" instructions
      Assemble "defer" instructions
      Store deferred calls somewhere until the frame is popped
      Maintain a stack of stacks
      Allow deferred calls to foreign functions
      Store deferred frames when "defer" instruction is executed
      Turn deferred frames into stacks and save them on frame pop
      One initialiser per line
      Include stack ID in trace lines
      Include names of deferred functions in trace lines
      Run deferred functions on normal returns
      Basic tests for deferred calls
      Test nested deferred calls
      Update Changelog
      Stacks point to their parent processes
      Merge branch 'issue/3d831201/multiple-stacks-in-a-process' of into issue/3d831201/multiple-stacks-in-a-process
      Add pointer to documentation in README
      Add link to Rosetta code for Viua
      Move deferred-frame registration to a different function
      Merge branch 'issue/3d831201/multiple-stacks-in-a-process' into devel
      Update copyright notice
      Prevent potential segfaults
      Run deferred calls during "tailcall"
      Test running defered calls during "tailcall"
      Version bump
      Allow conditionally pushing current stack during defer-registration
      Run deferred functions during stack unwinding
      Fix move pop out of the loop
      Note to self: do not code when tired
      Print stack traces to stderr
      Test for deferred calls invocations and stack unwinding on unacught 
      One more test for static analyser
      Run deferred calls after stack has been unwound for caught exceptions
      Compile C++14 with Clang on TravisCI
      Temporarily switch back to C++14 (just for you, TravisCI)
      Test invoking deferred calls during stack unwinding with caught exceptions
      Run deferred calls before their frame is dropped
      Set stack state back to RUNNING after "return" finishes executing
      Fix returns from register sets other than local
      Move code to a separate function
      Invoke deferred calls before frame is popped during "tailcall"
      Fix a memory leak in assembler
      Fix "pessimizing-move" Clang error
      Error when there is no dot before "end" token
      Fix a memory leak in assembler
      Fix "pessimizing-move" Clang error
      Error when there is no dot before "end" token
      Add information about to README
      Tell what file was assembled for failing test
      Move trace line generation into compilation unit of Process::dispatch()
      Error on unmatched parenthesis and bracket
      Merge branch 'devel' into deferred-calls-and-stack-unwinding
      Less frequently changing values to the left
      Rename "bytecode_base" to "jump_base" in trace lines
      Include name of the returned-from function in trace lines for "return"
      Push deferred calls in reverse order during stack unwinding
      Two new tests for invoking deferreds during stack unwinding
      Refactor deferred call stack registration
      Remove duplicated stack-registering code
      Include frame address, and stack depth in trace lines
      Annotate trace lines of "return" with before- and after-deferred status
      Fix incorrect unwinding of non-main stacks
      Change types to better reflect the responsibility of a function
      Add more consts
      Fix a typo
      Pointers never have nullptr as their associated process
      Better trace line for "return" instructions
      Remove useless cout
      Better comment
      More comments
      State for stacks suspended by executing deferred calls during stack 
      Move caught exception before unwinding
      Do not print duplicated trace lines
      Second time the exception is already caught
      Run deferred calls before the stack is unwound after an exception is 
      Halting is done by setting a state
      Test that deferred calls are invoked before their frames are popped
      Make testing under Valgrind less painful
      Enforce a consistent style using clang-format
      OK, quick fix for clang-format
      Add "using" to make code more readable
      Merge pull request #176 from vktgz/devel
      Update boilerplate-generator to include email
      Add directory for Rosetta Code solutions
      A short clarification
      Update Harald's '99 Bottles' to new Viua
      Remove duplicated sample
      Move Harald's example to better place
      Remove duplicated example
      Add 99 bottles for Rosetta
      Add CONTRIBUTING guidelines
      Point to CONTRIBUTING from README
      Where to report issues
      Suggested contributions
      Change next version to 0.9.0
      Updated Changelog
      Release 0.9.0

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      modulo function example


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