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[W3-dev] Fwd: MORE -9

From: Emilia Platt
Subject: [W3-dev] Fwd: MORE -9
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 00:44:34 -0800

Im gonna rape you, all right, Annie. It looked like one of Wellss death-machines in The War Of the Worlds, only in miniature.

Take two every six hours. Half an hour later he was sitting in front of the blank screen, thinking he had to be a glutton for punishment. Only for the last few months shes been going every day instead of just on Saturday afternoons, and the Paul who takes her is her pet writer instead of her older brother. She spent nearly half an hour hosing blood off the mower and driveway and the side lawn, while interlinked rainbows glimmered in the spray.

She turned considerately away while he fumbled his penis into the cold tube and urinated. He cringed back from her.

"Annie spoke of these things with an affection which was bizarre in its unmistakable genuineness. He heard the thud of first one knee from behind him, then the other, then the first again.

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