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[W3-dev] Re: aonyfMjEDS

From: Conrado Romine
Subject: [W3-dev] Re: aonyfMjEDS
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 07:31:18 -0700

j V d I m A q G s R q A fr c om $ 3 v ,35
g V q A h L e I a U w M f d rom $ 1,2 v 5
n C e I o A p L g I p S f v rom $ 3 w .75
i A l M x B e I f E i N
S j av i e u f pt x o 7 e 0 % w z ith u v s http://www.ontethasokol.com
flavor. There was a grove of the polpettone trees close by and I went
and picked a few of the spherical fruits. Hard as rocks and looking
just about as appetizing. I put them into my pack for later

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