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[Weechat-dev] [task #10879] /op command - unlimited arguments

From: Christopher O'Neill
Subject: [Weechat-dev] [task #10879] /op command - unlimited arguments
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2011 17:36:47 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #4, task #10879 (project weechat):

Task #9221 requests the use of wildcards in /op & /voice etc.  This task
requests that commands with more arguments than allowed by the ircd's MODES
setting should be split into several lines by WeeChat.

For instance, the ircd has MODES set to 3, meaning that only 3 modes can be
set with one mode command:

/op nick1 nick2 nick3 nick4

Here nick1, nick2 and nick3 are opped but nick4 isn't.  There is no error
message to indicate that this has happened.  What WeeChat should do is split
this into 2 seperate mode commands:

MODE #channel +ooo nick1 nick2 nick3
MODE #channel +o nick4

This is what the user expects to happen.  What happens currently is this:

MODE #channel +oooo nick1 nick2 nick3 nick4

The extra +o nick4 is ignored by the ircd because it's MODES string is set to
3 (as sent during connections).  I think this bug may need renaming to:

"WeeChat ignores server MODES setting"

Here is an example server line (this particular ircd allows 6 mode change per


I wonder if WeeChat is respecting the other settings?


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