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Re: [Wget-dev] wget2 | GSoC'18: Support DNS over HTTPS - Discussions (#3

From: Aniketh Girish
Subject: Re: [Wget-dev] wget2 | GSoC'18: Support DNS over HTTPS - Discussions (#378)
Date: Thu, 03 May 2018 16:48:14 +0000

Hi, Now I am into the construction of the DNS packets. 

So, one query, Should I use different libs like c-ares or libnet 
(https://repolinux.wordpress.com/2011/09/18/libnet-1-1-tutorial/) for that? or 
should I follow the way I have described in the proposal, strictly following 
the RFC's? @juaristi had a few questions regarding what libraries that I might 
be using. So, should I use those or construct accordingly to the RFC's plainly 
with Linux sockets? I feel that the use of such libraries is a hacky way to 
implement the resolver rather than the right way. please do let me know how I 
should start here :)

I hope it is fine that I am taking my time to understand things clearly first 
and move on to write the code and implement those. :)

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