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[Wget-dev] wget2 | Refined commit-check (!375)

From: Tsukasa OI
Subject: [Wget-dev] wget2 | Refined commit-check (!375)
Date: Fri, 04 May 2018 00:53:42 +0000

New Merge Request !375


Project:Branches: a4lg/wget2:refined-commit-check to gnuwget/wget2:master
Author:    Tsukasa OI

My recent small change included `Copyright-paperwork-exempt: Yes` in the commit 
message but the script `contrib/commit-check` did not handle this correctly.  
So, I submit a small set of changes.

1.  Detect `Copyright-paperwork-exempt: Yes` correctly  
    This script used `git log` to find a line that _begins with_ the string 
above but `git log` automatically indents the commit message and the script 
will not work correctly.  I changed this to use `git cat-file -p HEAD` 
(pretty-print `HEAD` commit) to prevent auto-indent.
2.  Pretty-print e-mail address  
    This script uses `grep` to find committer's mail address from `AUTHORS` and 
the original committer's email address is converted to a regular expression.  
However, I think directly showing this regex is not a good idea 
(regex-conversion code needs to be refined for exact matching but it further 
complicates "email address" displayed by this script).  I applied minimum 
changes to the script for better output.

### Note

1.  I recently signed FSF Copyright Assignment for GNU Wget but not signed by 
FSF's Deputy Director.  I think it will complete soon.
2.  Should `grep "^Copyright-paperwork-exempt: Yes"` be `grep 
'^Copyright-paperwork-exempt: Yes$'`? Or do we need any relaxed regex pattern?

### Approver's checklist:

* [ ] The author has submitted the FSF Copyright Assignment and is listed in 
* [ ] There is a test suite reasonably covering new functionality or 
* [ ] Function naming, parameters, return values, types, etc., are consistent 
with existing code
* [ ] This feature/change has adequate documentation added (if appropriate)
* [ ] No obvious mistakes / misspelling in the code

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