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Re: [Windows7sins-translators] Spanish translation

From: agustin zanotti
Subject: Re: [Windows7sins-translators] Spanish translation
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2009 08:57:19 -0300

hello everyone.

I believe i'll have my translations for today.

Acording to the issues:

Are we going to use "usted" as we do for GNU translations?

No se, creo que la versión en inglés no es muy formal, pero de todas maneras acepto las indicaciones de alquien más capacitado.

What can we do with words like "marketing"?

Creo que deberían permanecer en el idioma original si es así como se utilizan cotidianamente. Al menos en Argentina nadie utiliza la palabra "mercadeo", y no la relacionaría con "marketing".

Is it o.k if we add the word "niñas" sometimes, when we translate children? (I think we should)

De acuerdo con las cuetiones de género. Trataré de utilizar ambas palabras, siempre y cuando no entorpezca la lectura.

Eva translated "computers" as "ordenadores". I added the word "computadoras", so sometimes, the texts uses both words, sometimes just "computadoras". What do you think?

En Argentina y creo que en Sudamérica en general se utiliza la expresión "computadoras".



2009/10/3 eva <address@hidden>
2009/10/3 Carolina Flores Hine <address@hidden>:
> eva escribió:
> 2009/10/2 Carlos Aray <address@hidden>:
> i can help to translate the to spanish...
> yo tambien puedo ayudar con la traduccion en español
> 2009/10/2 Carolina Flores Hine <address@hidden>
> eva escribió:
> I agree. It would be very useful to have a list with the translators
> for each language.
> Regards.
> Hi Eva:
> I suppose we are the spanish team son far...
> I'll send you three odt files, so you can approve the modifications I've
> made. I added the new texts and also, tried to fix the gender issue... when
> we translate "children" and say "niños" we are not including girls. I tried
> not to exagerate this, but I think it's important.
> Also, I divided the text in chapters, so we won't have problems changing
> the texts to the .html sections
> Carolina
> --
> Hi Carolina,
> I am quite busy lately. I hope to have some time this weekend to have
> a look to your work.
> Welcome, Carlos. Please remember not to do top-posting so we can
> follow easier the conversations.
> It would be good if there are three of us, that we divide the work in
> three parts and at the end we revise the part of each other. Does it
> sound good to you both?
> Regards.


> In fact, there are four. Agustín from Argentina sent me an e-mail (he didn't
> noticed, this list isn't configured to reply to the list).
> Eva, maybe you can focus on the suggestions I sent to the Intro, education
> and How we got here sections. I'll send Carlos and Agustin, some other
> sections so they can mark modifications and send them to you or me. Is it
> o.k for you?

That sounds good to me.

> I also would like to ask you (all the spanish translators):
> Are we going to use "usted" as we do for GNU translations?

I think it would be more appropiate to change it into the "usted" form.

> What can we do with words like "marketing"?

To me, the word "marketing" is part of the spanish vocabulary.

> Is it o.k if we add the word "niñas" sometimes, when we translate children?
> (I think we should)

I think this is a complicated subject. My opinion here is that we
should live it as "niños", otherwise, repeating so many times "niñas y
niños" can distract the reader from the subject matter. Just a hint:
the first year of my degree I was tought that this is called "economía
del lenguaje". I know while learning my mother tongue that the word
"niños" means both genders, I never think only about male. This is a
controversial subject.
Nevertheless, if you decide to talk in terms of "niñas y niños" you
must be aware of doing it all the time for all words in plural. That
could be annoying for the reader. You should have in mind that these
are long texts, and Spanish language uses about a 30% more of words to
say the same things as in English, so adding many more words can make
the reading more difficult.
My suggestion: if we see that there no many more words doing the
distintion between genders as you proposed, we do it that way,
otherwise if we read it and find the reading difficult or not easy to
follow or that looses the main point with too many "niñas y niños"
repeated, we should consider then leaving "niños" instead.
As I said, when I read "niños" as any Spanish speaker has been tought,
it's plural for both, and easy to guess the meaning withing the
I like clear and easy-readable texts so I point in that direction.

> Eva translated "computers" as "ordenadores". I added the word
> "computadoras", so sometimes, the texts uses both words, sometimes just
> "computadoras". What do you think?

The word "ordenadores" is only used in Spain as I know so far. To turn
the translation into a more standarized Spanish we probably have to
say "computadoras". This is going to be a change that makes the whole
text sounds like latinamerican Spanish and not very standard, but I
think it's not fear that only because in Spain we use "ordenadores" we
have to use it. So I think we better change them all.

> Carolina
> PD: I suggest, we change the subject of these e-mails to SPANISH: bla bla
> bla
> --

Good idea. I've just done it :)

> ....................................................................

I hope to hear the opinion from the other two so we can go on..

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