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[Windows7sins-translators] About using SVN or Narro for translation

From: Răzvan Sandu
Subject: [Windows7sins-translators] About using SVN or Narro for translation
Date: Wed, 07 Oct 2009 00:32:29 +0300
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I've noticed that there are a lot of discussions lately - not about the translation itself, but about the mechanisms for accomplishing it, mainly SVN.

IMHO, using SVN is just too complicated for a *quick* campaign we must organize. Please note that the main event - Windows 7's official launch - is very close and some of us are not programmers, habituated to use SVN day-by-day.

Here in Romania we use Narro - a special tool for translating online.

One may see details about this Web tool and a graphical representation of the stages in which various translation projects are in:

Best regards,

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