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www keepingup.html

From: Karl Berry
Subject: www keepingup.html
Date: Sat, 02 Jan 2010 17:43:44 +0000

CVSROOT:        /web/www
Module name:    www
Changes by:     Karl Berry <karl>       10/01/02 17:43:44

Modified files:
        .              : keepingup.html 

Log message:
        punctuation, do not go directly to the giant list of lists, etc.


Index: keepingup.html
RCS file: /web/www/www/keepingup.html,v
retrieving revision 1.27
retrieving revision 1.28
diff -u -b -r1.27 -r1.28
--- keepingup.html      17 Oct 2009 07:34:45 -0000      1.27
+++ keepingup.html      2 Jan 2010 17:43:37 -0000       1.28
@@ -22,25 +22,25 @@
 <h3 id="comingevents">Coming Events</h3>
-<p>Find out about <a href="/events.html">Coming FSF and GNU Events</a>.</p>
+<p>Find out about <a href="/events.html">coming FSF and GNU Events</a>.</p>
 <h3 id="pressrel">Press Releases</h3>
-<p>Read the <a href="/press/press.html#releases">Press Releases</a>
+<p>Read the <a href="/press/press.html#releases">press releases</a>
 from the GNU Project and the FSF.</p>
 <h3 id="fsdirectory">Free Software Directory</h3>
 <p>Additions and updates are constantly made to
 the <a href="http://directory.fsf.org";>Free Software Directory</a>.
-Check the list of recent updates often to see what's new.</p>
+Check the list of recent updates often to see what's new (and consider
 <h3 id="maillist">Mailing Lists</h3>
-<p>There are
-many <a href="http://mail.gnu.org/mailman/listinfo";>public mailing
+<p>There are many <a href="http://lists.gnu.org";>public mailing
 lists</a> related to the GNU Project and the FSF. You can subscribe to
 these lists to keep up with the latest news and developments on GNU
 Projects/Packages and to get general information about GNU/FSF.</p>
-<p>These are some that are good for general info:</p>
+<p>Here are some that are good for general info:</p>
     <li><a href="http://mail.gnu.org/mailman/listinfo/info-fsf";>
         info-fsf</a>: Free Software Foundation announcements and 
@@ -54,16 +54,16 @@
 <h3 id="usenet">Usenet</h3>
-<p>There are several gnu.* <a href="/prep/mailinglists.html"> usenet
-newsgroups</a> that are good sources of information.  This group is
-useful in keeping up with what's going on with GNU:</p>
+<p>There are several gnu.* Usenet newsgroups that are good sources of
+information.  This group is useful in keeping up with what's going on
+with GNU:</p>
-<h3 id="news">News</h3>
-<p>You can get news about GNU in spanish
-at <a href="http://gnuticias.es.gnu.org";>GNUticias</a></p>
+<h3 id="news">News in Spanish</h3>
+<p>You can get news about GNU in Spanish
+at <a href="http://gnuticias.es.gnu.org";>GNUticias</a>.</p>
 <!--#include virtual="/server/footer.html" -->
@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@
 <!-- timestamp start -->
-Updated: $Date: 2009/10/17 07:34:45 $
+Updated: $Date: 2010/01/02 17:43:37 $
 <!-- timestamp end -->

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