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[GNU-traductores] gnudist:/home/www/html/software/software.html -- recen

From: gnudist's file diff daemon
Subject: [GNU-traductores] gnudist:/home/www/html/software/software.html -- recent changes
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 05:34:11 -0800 (PST)

This is an automated report from gnudist.
Recent changes to /home/www/html/software/software.html:

  64 -rw-rw-rw-   1 jonas    www         64127 Feb 10 04:02 

diff  -u  
--- /tmp/diffmon29106   Sat Feb 10 05:34:11 2001
+++ /home/www/html/software/software.html       Sat Feb 10 04:02:56 2001
@@ -365,6 +365,8 @@
   <LI><A HREF="/software/r/R.html">R</A> is a system for
        statistical computation and graphics. It is a dialect of the S
        programming language from Bell Labs.
+  <LI><A HREF="/software/radius/radius.html">Radius</A> is a server for
+       remote user authentification and accounting.
   <LI><A HREF="/software/rat/rat.html">RAT</A> is a Recipe Analysis Tool
        which calculates the total nutrients in a given recipe.
   <LI><A HREF="/software/rcs/rcs.html">RCS</A>, the Revision Control System, 
is used for version control and management of software projects.
@@ -397,6 +399,7 @@
   <LI><A HREF="/software/texinfo/texinfo.html">texinfo</A> is a set of 
utilities which generate printed manuals, plain ASCII text, and online 
hypertext documentation (called `Info'), and can read online Info documents.
   <LI><A HREF="/software/textutils/textutils.html">textutils</A> is a set of 
utilities for manipulating text.
   <LI><A HREF="/software/time/time.html">time</A> reports (usually from a 
shell) the user, system, and real time used by a process.  On some systems it 
also reports memory usage, page faults, etc.
+       <LI><A HREF="/software/gnutls/gnutls.html">GnuTLS</A> is an 
implementation of TLS 1.0 Internet standard.
   <LI><A HREF="/software/trueprint/trueprint.html">GNU Trueprint</A> is a 
        for printing source files and other text files to a postscript printer.
   <LI><A HREF="/software/units/units.html">units</A> is a program for
@@ -987,7 +990,7 @@
 <!-- hhmts start -->
-11 Jan 2001 paulv
+ 9 Feb 2001 paulv
 <!-- hhmts end -->

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