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[GNU-traductores] gnudist:/home/www/html/server/standards/README.html --

From: gnudist's file diff daemon
Subject: [GNU-traductores] gnudist:/home/www/html/server/standards/README.html -- recent changes
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 05:11:04 -0800 (PST)

This is an automated report from gnudist.
Recent changes to /home/www/html/server/standards/README.html:

  12 -rw-r--r--   1 webcvs   www         11976 Feb 26 05:02 

diff  -u  
--- /tmp/diffmon27053   Mon Feb 26 05:11:04 2001
+++ /home/www/html/server/standards/README.html Mon Feb 26 05:02:57 2001
@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@
 <H4>Table of Contents</H4>
+<LI><A NAME="TOC0" HREF="README.html#SEC0">Organisation</A>
 <LI><A NAME="TOC1" HREF="README.html#SEC1">Style guidelines</A>
 <LI><A NAME="TOC2" HREF="README.html#SEC2">Webmasters</A>
 <LI><A NAME="TOC3" HREF="README.html#SEC3">.emacs</A>
@@ -49,6 +50,62 @@
 you always wanted to know about www.gnu.org!
+<H4><A NAME="SEC0" HREF="README.html#TOC0">Organisation</A></H4>
+In order to work as a webmaster you need one of the following:
+<LI> Become a developper for one of the GNU packages managed by 
+    <a HREF="http://savannah.gnu.org/";>Savannah</a>. This will
+    allow you to edit the portion of the www.gnu.org web that
+    is devoted to this GNU package, as shown in the 
+    <a HREF="www2savannah.html">www.gnu.org to Savannah projects map</a>.
+<LI> Become a member of the <a HREF="http://savannah.gnu.org/projects/wwww/";>
+     www</a> project in order to edit the whole tree.
+<LI> A shell account on gnudist.gnu.org, 
+    ask to <a HREF="mailto:address@hidden";>address@hidden</a>.
+The whole www.gnu.org web site is stored under CVS on subversions.gnu.org.
+Most of the webmaster tasks do not require a shell account on gnudist.gnu.org
+and are a lot simpler to perform by checking out the pages on your local
+machine, modify them and then commit the result. The changes are immediately
+visible on www.gnu.org. 
+A small number of tasks do require to logon gnudist.gnu.org and if you
+want to devote some time to them you'll need to ask for a shell account. 
+Instead of having a single group of users who have edit permissions
+over the whole www.gnu.org CVS tree, a number of groups have been
+created and only have edit permissions on a specicific directory
+tree. For instance, the <a
+HREF="http://savannah.gnu.org/projects/bgw/";>Brave GNU World</a>
+project members only have edit permissions on the <a
+directory. This has a number of advantages such as easily find out
+who is in charge of which portion of the www.gnu.org web site. A
+<a HREF="www2savannah.html">www.gnu.org to Savannah projects map</a> is
+updated every day and shows which directories are handled by which projects.
+Some parts of the www.gnu.org web site do not yet have a matching project
+on Savannah. Don't hesitate to create a project for a given subdirectory
+if you plan to work on it with other webmasters. The /software/<i>package</i>
+directories have a special status since they must be bound to a project
+that have the same name on Savannah.
+Since it would be very complicated for highly involved webmasters to become
+a member of each and every projects when they want to make some global 
+changes, the special project <a HREF="http://savannah.gnu.org/projects/wwww/";>
+www</a> was created. Each member of the <i>www</i> project is granted
+edit persmission over the whole www.gnu.org CVS repository. 
 <H4><A NAME="SEC1" HREF="README.html#TOC1">Style guidelines</A></H4>
 Please read <a 
@@ -243,7 +300,7 @@
 permitted in any medium, provided this notice is preserved.<P>
 <!-- hhmts start -->
-14 Sep 2000 neelakanth
+26 Feb 2001 loic
 <!-- hhmts end -->

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