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[www-it-traduzioni] Fwd: Please help April translate the Free Software P

From: Andrea Pescetti
Subject: [www-it-traduzioni] Fwd: Please help April translate the Free Software Pact
Date: Fri, 02 May 2014 22:56:41 +0200
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Inoltro il messaggio qui sotto, che e' importante per sapere se i candidati alle Elezioni Europee hanno a cuore il tema del software libero.

Ci chiedono un aiuto per la revisione delle traduzioni esistenti.

1) Rivedere
che va confrontata con l'originale su

(io ho dato un'occhiata, ho solo visto un errore, "Softwate", il resto va bene)

2) Rivedere

(qui ci sono un po' di cose da sistemare; se qualcuno se ne occupa lo faccia sapere, grazie).


-------- Messaggio originale --------
Oggetto: Please help April translate the Free Software Pact
A: address@hidden

April, a France-based organization for the promotion and protection of
Free Software, is relaunching the Free Software Pact campaign for the
2014 European elections. The idea of the campaign is to ask candidates
to the European Parliament to sign the Free Software Pact, which is a
simple document with which candidates can inform the voting public that
they favor the development and use of Free Software. The Free Software
Pact is also a tool for citizens to educate candidates about the
importance of Free Software and why they should, if elected, protect the
European Free Software community. (for more information on the campaign
: http://freesoftwarepact.eu)

To make the campaign as successful as possible, we are trying to
translate the Pact (and the website) in as many EU languages as
possible. Consequently, we are looking for translators and proofreaders.
There is already a basic list of tasks available here :
http://wiki.april.org/w/Free_software_pact:_list_of_tasks The organizers
of the campaign can also be reached via email
address@hidden for any question, comment, suggestion, etc.

Many thanks for your help!


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