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[Www-ml-gnu-malayalam-project-public] Workflow for members of the projec

From: aiswarya
Subject: [Www-ml-gnu-malayalam-project-public] Workflow for members of the project
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2019 15:01:02 +0200
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Here is our suggested workflow. If you have better ways to propose, please do. (Please read complete content of the mail).

=» Clone the project repository here https://savannah.gnu.org/git/?group=www-ml.

=» Choose the task for you, it can be translating an article or reviewing articles written by others.

If it is translating an article:

=» Assign the task to yourself here https://savannah.gnu.org/task/?group=www-ml with a ‘Subject’ indicating the article, for example simply ‘philosophy/free-sw.html’. (It is better to add a finishing date just for your own tracking).

=» After you finish your translation, review it yourself. Then upload it to the project repository's appropriate folder. (If you are new to git please ask help). If you are translating foo.html, upload foo.ml.po making the relevant task ‘Status’ to “Ready For Test”.

=» Add the link to that article in the comments of the task track where you have assigned the task for yourself.

=» You can see the comments/suggestions/errors in bug tracker. Follow the track and correct and update it to the repository. Then I will do the final review and upload it to the official repository making the status 'done'.

Note: If you are making a translation, try to review another one's translation too. If I am the only one doing reviews it will become a burden for me.

If the task is reviewing:

=» Add comment on the corresponding task that you are reviewing that particular article.

=» Review the article, and open bugs relevant to one specific problem in the bug tracker. It is usually better not to conflate two different issues together—it makes them harder to discuss, and hard to track them easily. Some are grammatical errors, some are fundamental ones that change the whole meaning, some are simply suggestions for improvement. Indicate that in the summary field while reporting (typo/grammar/etc). Also change the Category field to the relevant one (for example 'philosophy/free-sw.ml.html'). If you don't find the relevant one remind me to make one.

Please note the naming conventions. We use only small letters. And when you upload, the name of the file should be 'foo.ml.po' if you are translating 'foo.html' file.

Thank you.



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