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[Chinese-translators] FW: ddd debug probelm

From: Neil Cheng [鄭明浩]
Subject: [Chinese-translators] FW: ddd debug probelm
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 11:16:11 +0800

I might be too busy these days, at last I will reply on mid May.  Would you 
please excuse me...

If you have any question about GNU/CTT, please send email to  address@hidden  
We have volunteers who may help you...



Sorry....I don't know if I can ask you a question because I can't resolve this 
problem so long time.
When I use "ddd" debug tools to debug my program, a function call " recvfrom()" 
will be called in libc.so.6.
ddd say it can't find such file or directory. I don't want to trace libc.so.6 
code. But I can't trace my program 
because of my program use some gnu shared library(see attached file). How can I 
If you can't resove it for me. Will you suggest me who can help me?

Thanks  a lot!
A linux GNU lover,

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